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A. started work and I was with A. for the day.  And what a day it was.  A.showed me her cartoon strip work on special software.  She’s very good at manipulating any package.

About time for lunch so we went to Pies and Pints.  Picked up canvases to paint in the afternoon.  Unloaded 4 bags of mulch.  She thought it great fun to toss it out around the plants.  Huge help for me, for sure.  I get exhausted with that work and it hurt my knee or should I say -knees.

Went home for relaxing time before going to Movement Lab from 5-6.  I started painting the grandfather clock in the background with the peonies in front on the table.  After an hour I was tired.

Headed home and A was there.

While in the car, I kept hearing thumping sounds and A. said maybe it’s Happy and Sad!!  It was a game we played on the way to SYC. Two squirrels were on top of the car and had many adventures on the way to school.  Sometimes they’d stay on until we got to school.  Other times they hopped off into the trees and jumped back on when we went home.  The girl squirrel was always the happy one and the sad one was a boy.

Home resting and gearing up for leaving tomorrow for points west.

Since golf and other sporting events are on TV, I venture to the basement for laundry duty.  It affords me the opportunity to multi-task.  While watching golf which doesn’t require my full attention, I work on photo books and occasionally move clothes from washer to dryer and then fold.  Such exhausting work!!

On Sunday I picked up Grandma Hawkins quilt.  It looks beautiful.  All that’s left is the binding.  It is so much bigger than I thought it was.  Think I’ll take it to K to show it to her or should I wait till it is done?  Done, I think is best.

Went swimming with A and A.  Then back to the house for dinner and a movie – Peter Pan.  A loves it and so do I..

Then watched an episode of My 600 lb life.  It’s nothing but tragic in so many ways.  It is touching to see the pain that these folks go through because of their weight.


Spent the morning and afternoon at the Urban Forestry Forum at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  Several of my favorite people were attending or speaking – Greg Dahle, Jason Grabosky, Stephanie Miller, Marianne Prue, Alan Siewert.  Greg, Jason and Alan provided wonderful presentations.  Jason’s was title Urban Forestry 2059.  At first I thought it was a misprint, but he projected what the challenges might be in 50 years.  Besides dealing with hover crafts and relocating the east coast to just outside Clelumiti – a megalopolis comprising Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, the challenges were very much the same.  Not too far fetched.  Greg showed results of his fascinating work with tree biomechanics.  As fascinating as it all was, I don’t miss it.

One thing it prompted me to do is get out the old Forestry magazines and write up a compendium of UF around the early 1900s.  A project I want to finish.

From there it was on the see Peter Pan Jr with Annalise as Captain Hook.  She was terrific as usual.  I think she loved the part.  I’ll be adding some photos tomorrow.

The third great event of today was the summer solstice – longest day of the year!!  And it was spectacular – beautiful blue sky and puffy clouds what made it all the more wonderful was the fact that we’ve had about a week of rain and grey skies.  Good for yards and gardens but not for farmers.


My Social Security check came yesterday and I spend money – Vol of America, mulch at Oakland Nursery, bird feeder holders, baskets at Dollar general, coffee and other food stuffs at Kroger.

More Picaboo work on McKenzie old photos. I may be finishing – I think !!

For sure, I’m becoming weary of Familyography.  He apparently has no filing system.  He still hasn’t found my Vilseck and England photos, but he is scanning the ones he has found.  The end product is that I won’t be using him again.  I’ll just do them myself.

Picked up Grapes of Wrath to listen to on my trip.  Dropped by Vol of Am to find a few blouses for summer.  Can’t beat $12 for 4 blouses and a turtle bracelet.

Listening to Bryson’s Little Dribbling and it makes me want to live in England.   On Acorn TV is a new series “The Best Village in England”.  So between Bryson’s descriptions and Penelope Keith’s visits to charming villages, my heart is beating for a long, long visit.

Besides the NRCA conference call,

I met with Dr. Unverferth to check my knee over.  He inquired about what could be done different for the next surgery.  We decided to change to another narcotic and he agreed that going to the Skilled Nursing would be a good idea in case my RLS reacts like it did.

I had driven the van so I could get it washed and vacuumed for selling on Wednesday.  Swept was dripping off me while I worked on the car.  I’m sure good for me.  The  PMR in my butt didn’t hurt as much after that.  Perhaps more exercise is an answer.

Neighbor is working today and so we’ve moved the sale transfer to Saturday.

Played a couple more pinochle matches and reserved books for my trip to Muncie, Oklahoma, Arkansas next week.

As usual, I won one game – Hooray!!  I just never get the right tiles.  But it’s still fun.

I need to write on the day because I forget!  No surprise.

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