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Since the first of November I’ve lost 2 very close friends from high school.  Both without warning.  Gives me a hollow feeling in my stomach.  Very sad.

Up since 8 for my Ophthalmologist appt at 10.  Stopped at Starbucks for a mocha and to make a list of what to do since I was out.  Rode the elliptical for over 30 minutes at Life Time gym, gradually increasing time and distance with each visit.  Picked up my new glasses at Walmart.  Got copies of my dad’s service record from Staples.  Recycled printer ink.  The lady in front of me gave me hers for my rewards points – very nice but I’ve never used my points.  Not sure what they are for, but I keep accumulating them.

Now I’m home and beginning to think about what I need to do when suddenly I’m exhausted.

Sunday was a particularly down day.  I run out of gas every few days when I’ve been particularly busy.  And yesterday was one of those days.  It seems I slept most of the day.  Went to Christmas service with Jeff Amy and family.  We mostly sang Christmas songs and read from important passages about Jesus’ birth.  After we went to CAP City for dinner.  Lovely time together and learned of Simon’s third college acceptance – Miami of Ohio, University of Dayton, and Otterbein.  He’s not sure yet which he’ll accept.

Also, found out that Annalise had been featured in the paper regarding the Talent Show she appeared in.  She hates to talk about her accomplishments, so we have to pretend she’s not there and talk about everything else.  She loves it on stage but not to discuss it.


Uneventful in that I had a doctor’s appt then found a place to eat breakfast while waiting for the Container Store to open.   I had ordered an item for pickup and that was it.

I sat down at a table and the lady at the nearest table turned in a startled fashion to ask me when I got there.  I replied that I just snuck in!  She inquired if I was shopping and I said I was going to the Container Store and she said she was also.  We chatted for a bit, I ordered and when my food arrived, the waitress handed me a plastic knife and fork stating that all the others are being washed.  The lady at the next table said they are out of silverware because people steal them.  She’d watch women put them in their purses.  I was surprised until I remembered Mom’s penchant for stealing or let’s say acquiring souvenirs from the places we traveled through.  I told my new friend that I could follow the ashtrays along a path of our travels.  We both laughed.  At least the ashtrays were more interesting than the bland silverware.

Went to the gym to ride the elliptical and a lady sat in the one next to me and somehow we got onto a conversation about mental illness.  Her son had schizophrenia and died of an overdose at 21.  She was my age so that was many years ago but I believe she thought of it as yesterday.    She lamented that the medicine was hit or miss and sometimes he’d refuse to take it. Such a shame for their family.

I really do prefer to not converse with people when I’m out, but sometimes it just happens.  I did read a few pages of “Guardians” by Grisham while I was eating breakfast.  I do love breakfast!  Would love pancakes, but the calories and carbs will push me right over the edge of my goals.

My sciatic nerve is killing me, my shoulders are stiff.  Hopefully, it has something to do with the weather and not the exercises!  Don’t know what I could be doing wrong on the elliptical.

Watched “Like Water for Chocolate”.  Excellent foreign language film about love and culture.  This was my second viewing.  Just as good.


I’m not doing very well at noting daily events.

Over the past weekend, I dog sat for a sweet basset hound named Bonaparte, but I can’t figure out how to insert a photo from this new version of WordPress.  I’ll try later.

Got it!


Other highlights – I had a pain in my side for several weeks and my doctor suggested I get an MRI – well I tried 3 times on 3 different machines.  Meanwhile the pain has gone away so I’m not sure it’s really necessary anymore.  Will talk to my doctor.  There’s hardly any reason to waste my time and the staff if it’s not necessary anymore.

Blustery day yesterday.  I believe Pooh would have flown away had he been in this neighborhood.  Really terrible.

Finished Colin Dexter’s first Inspector Morse book – Last Bus to Woodstock.  Think I’ll continue the series.  I loved the show so much.  But I have the new Longmire and Grisham books to get through first.  I started on the Grisham book and it was a bit slow starting.  But I’ll keep plodding along I’m sure it will get better.

Lovely Thanksgiving dinner today.

Truly the days go by so fast.

Thank goodness series 3 of “The Crown” is on.  I’ve about exhausted my supply of programs to watch while I crochet.  Doc Martin is already finished for the season.  The shows are less than 45 minutes so they fly by.  The Man in the High Castle as started and I’m trying to ration those episodes which are difficult to do.  It’s like reading one chapter in a good book and putting it away till next week.

Scanning pictures like crazy but my sewing room is driving me crazy.  I need to get it organized and I’d like to do a bit of sewing.  I promised Katelyn that I’d make aprons for her daycare kids.  Finished up the Japan photo book and sent off to Judy and Mike.  Corban really likes the photo books so I have one of the Huckabee Center that I’ll send soon.

Aunt Mouse and Uncle Dave’s promise of being in their will actually came through and I’m flabbergasted.

Suddenly it is Monday.  Having trouble getting to sleep.  It’s 3:30 and I’m wide awake.  My legs are jumpy.  I’m going to play pinochle and maybe it will make me sleepy.



When there’s a holiday on Monday it messes up all my thinking about the week, but I have to be careful for it is filled with Dr appointments.  I checked my calendar last week to see what was happening.  My calendar stated that my eye Dr. appointment was at 7:15!  I thought that was surely a mistake for I don’t get up that early.  I called and sure enough, it was correct.  I settled in to get a good night’s sleep and couldn’t sleep.  At 2 I looked at the clock and murmured – only 4 hours of sleep and with the first of two alarms I got up to view the first snowfall of the fall/winter.  I had to clean my car off of 2″ of snow on top of ice at 6:30 am.  Or as we might say in the army 0 dark:30.  I didn’t have a snow scraper so I made good use of my coat sleeve and the heater.  Former Girl Scouts should be prepared.  The only consolation was that few people were on the main streets at that hour, but the interstates were full of accidents caused by people who act like they’ve never seen, snow, ice or rain.  This isn’t Florida, people!!

I thought maybe having an early appt is a good thing for you’re surely one of the first and how far behind can the doctor be.  Maybe I’ll rethink my appt strategies.  Just a slight increase in my eyeball pressure, which is undoubtedly caused by the prednisone I’m on for polymyalgia rheumatica. Return in a month to monitor that new medical issue.

My next stops were to my near-daily car wash and across the street to ride the seated elliptical at Life Time Fitness for 25 minutes.  I’m beginning extra rehabilitation on my knees by increasing my time by 5 minutes each visit.  Funny thing about this stop – never thought about my wet tires getting stuck in the ice at the parking lot.  But they did.  I tried reversing and nothing happened and then the light bulb went off – wet tires don’t mix well with ice!  I did get out!

Next to Beechwold Diner – when you are a single, you have to sit at the counter which gives a great view of the discourse between the waitresses and owner.  The internet was down so they were accepting only cash.  It seems to have set off the stress hormones in everyone and I said to the lady next to me, “Wonder if we should return at 3 to see if anyone is still living.”.  The owner was wandering around like he didn’t have anything to do, so he was nitpicking the waitresses as if they just started their careers.  In addition, the roof was leaking and creating droplets of water right above the fan.  At certain moments the drips would catch on a blade and fling it onto the counter patrons.  It made for an interesting sideshow to breakfast.

And this was all before 10:30 am!!

Now I’m having a rest which includes playing 1 game of online pinochle before I start scanning more photos and recording my vinyl 33rpm collection.  Hoping to sell the records when I’m done.


A. started work and I was with A. for the day.  And what a day it was.  A.showed me her cartoon strip work on special software.  She’s very good at manipulating any package.

About time for lunch so we went to Pies and Pints.  Picked up canvases to paint in the afternoon.  Unloaded 4 bags of mulch.  She thought it great fun to toss it out around the plants.  Huge help for me, for sure.  I get exhausted with that work and it hurt my knee or should I say -knees.

Went home for relaxing time before going to Movement Lab from 5-6.  I started painting the grandfather clock in the background with the peonies in front on the table.  After an hour I was tired.

Headed home and A was there.

While in the car, I kept hearing thumping sounds and A. said maybe it’s Happy and Sad!!  It was a game we played on the way to SYC. Two squirrels were on top of the car and had many adventures on the way to school.  Sometimes they’d stay on until we got to school.  Other times they hopped off into the trees and jumped back on when we went home.  The girl squirrel was always the happy one and the sad one was a boy.

Home resting and gearing up for leaving tomorrow for points west.

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