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Wish it was really an April Fools joke.  Heard people saying we’re all living Groundhog Day.  Every day nearly the same.  Takes effort to make it different.

First anniversary of my first knee surgery.  Wow was the recovery awful.  So many bad things happened that I won’t mention here.

Onward – Finished Starry Starry Night.  I work on it while Governor DeWine and company give updates.  The reporters are beginning to irritate me.  They ask – once we flatten the curve, how long before we can get our lives back?  As if soothsayers run the government.  Or how long do you think this will last?  Or they heard that people have called to donate PPE but no one called them back.  I guess there is one person at their desk waiting for that one person to call for a donation.  I’m amazed at the calmness with which the responses are given.  I think it was the Lt. Governor explaining that they’ve had lots of calls and they need to check out the veracity of the phone calls and donation.  To paraphrase a friend – the reporters must have gone to stupid school.

So tired today.  Another cold dreary day, maybe that’s why.  Didn’t feel like doing anything so I occupied my time with the puzzle, pinochle, gin rummy and reading The Company Town.

Working on photo books – Mike’s and then I’ll put together Mary Moran’s funeral flowers book for Andy.

All the people in India who’ve been told to stay in their homes and so many have no homes.  What are the people in charge thinking?  Shows that the politicians don’t have a single idea about how the 99% live.  That’s as much a tragedy as the pandemic.


Bleak, dreary, cold!  Brought the space heater into the bedroom and have a warm blanket around me.  Wishing now for some sunny Colorado weather.  Warm or cold as long as it’s sunny.

Getting somewhere and nowhere on my jigsaw puzzle which I’ll add as soon as my phone sends the photo to my Google photos.  Boy are we spoiled.  I don’t have to download the photo to my computer and then upload it to the media library as long as I’ve taken it with my phone.  I’d like to get a new lens for my real camera, when I’m allowed out.

Our ‘stayin’ has been extended to the end of April.

It just doesn’t seem real.  A science-fiction story someone wrote and we’re living out the script.

Reading ‘Company Town’.

It’s been since March 4 since I’ve seen the kids.  I do miss them.  Oh and Cosmo, too.  Maybe he won’t be biting and chewing so much.  My hands are about healed from my last two visits.

Worked on a photo book for Bridget which I sent to her and finishing up a Vilseck sports one for Mike.  There aren’t as many photos of his sports as I had hoped for.  Barely filling 20 pages.

BRRR!  yesterday it was warm and sunny, now barely 50 for the high.  Drove to Highbanks metro park and walked about 1/2 mile.  Will increase that each time  I go out.  But not today.  I’m hunkered down on the couch with a beautiful McKenzie plaid blanket and a cup of hot tea handy.


It felt funny driving to the park.  I’m in a car surrounded by the world but I can’t truly participate in it.

On top of this I have a bladder infection, so I’m more run down.


it it does

Friday – Scanned more photos and started a couple photo books.  Got BBQ from Iron Grill – slab of ribs, pulled pork, coleslaw, and beans.  They were happy to see me.

Saturday – learned to play gin rummy online.  Still can’t figure out the scoring, but I did win one game.

Rain and thunder have made a boring day duller.  No sunshine creates listlessness.  Quilted more and I sure wish I could spread it out on a big table or even better a huge quilt frame.

Starry starry night puzzle is getting to me.  All the pieces are looking the same.  But soon!!

I did empty the dishwasher so I could put dirty ones in!!  That is an accomplishment.

Thunder is beginning to boom.  Hopefully the lights stay on.

Still having trouble getting to sleep which means I get my 8 hours in during the wee hours and wake around noon.  There was a Webinar featuring a good friend, Greg Dahle, talking about How Tree Branches Fail at 1pm.  If I can find a link to it, I’ll add it here.  Thankfully, I woke in time for that.

Listened to Governor DeWine update everyone on the latest regarding the virus.  Still very dire news though Trump thinks we’re going back to normal by Easter!  It was such another beautiful day I decided to get out again and headed for Whetstone.   My, My there are lots of people who don’t understand or underestimate this Coronavirus.  The tennis courts were packed with people playing doubles and groups of people milling around that didn’t look like family members.  I did go to the lower playground parking to drink my mocha.  Just small groups of families playing frisbee, walking dogs, keeping physically apart from other groups.  Spent a little time on the phone with my former personal trainer.  Since she’s self employed, I was glad to hear she is doing OK.  Think I’ll call tomorrow and suggest we get together at one of the parking lots to exercise.  Perhaps some of her other clients will do the same.  Came home, scanned photos of a 1999 family trip to the Children’s Museum, ate pizza and quilted while watching an episode of Silent Witness on Amazon.

Played a little pinochle online and now I’m trying to get sleepy so I will go to sleep before 1 am.  Think I’ll check out Ancestry – that usually gets my eyelids drooping.

Normal spring is springing even though life is far from normal right now.


It was such a lovely day I decided to find a quiet place to relax.  My first attempt at Olentangy Park along the river wasn’t what I expected, but with everyone cooped up I should have foreseen this.  Lots of people playing doubles tennis, groups gathered together which didn’t look much like social or physical distancing.


I abandoned this and drove to Sharon Woods. A few people were out, but in small family groups.

Got out of the house to pick up 3 loaves of bread at Great Harvest Bread Co.  Had hoped to get my car washed, but they were closed.  Got a mocha and drove over to Park of Roses.  Met two friendly dogs – Mariah and Cody.  Robins were hopping around everywhere, saw a cardinal.  They’re easy to spot with the bright red against the grey branches.  Nice to get out.


After my walk, I spent about an hour scanning photos, ate tomato soup and toast, and worked on genealogy for a bit.  So fairly productive day.


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