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Headed to Home Depot for GrassBGone, pruning shears, and decals for my trash can. As I pulled into my parking spot, a man with a truck stopped behind me and told me he noticed I had some dents in my car and he could fix them right there in the parking lot while I shopped. His truck was labeled with advertisements that stated he did indeed fix dents. He quoted me $100 and I thought it a fair price so I went shopping and let him do his dent thing.

When I came out, he wanted payment in cash. Now I barely carry $10 with me let alone a hundred. So I went back in the store to buy birdseed which I wanted anyway and thought I could get $100 cash back. Turned out I could only get $50, so I bought a candy bar and got the rest of the cash. He was waiting for me and I gave him his money that he said he needed for his son’s birthday gift. Truth or not, but the dents are fixed and as I left he was roaming the parking lot looking for more dents.

On my way home I noticed a hillside near the high school that has always been covered with milkweed and other wildflowers, is now skimmed like a burr haircut. I was so disgusted, I wrote on the HS’s facebook page. Seems it’s the quickest way to attract notice and to get a response.

Earlier this week, I spied a deer lounging near my apt. I took its picture and realized it had a rope around its neck. The end of the rope is frayed so I assumed it managed to get away from whomever had it captive. The more I looked at it, I am not sure it is a deer. I sent the picture to the Columbus Zoo to verify its unusual markings. I had reported it to the Worthington Deer control and they will be on the lookout for it.

So an eventful week.

Three day adventure to Connecticut to pick up hatch cover. Drove 9 hours to Danbury CT to spend the night then about 10 miles to Bethel, CT to meet Brian. When I got there, it was not as expected – a warehouse really and Brian was not there. Thankfully a woman who was driving off, asked me who I was looking for. I told her I came from Ohio and Brian said he’d be there all day. She called and said he was only 10 minutes away. Really very sketchy place, but he arrived and put the two pieces in the car. They weren’t as big as they said, for I was sweating that they wouldn’t fit.

I drove about 6 hours through I-80 and it truly was a beautiful drive- hills and trees as far as one could see. Must be beautiful in the fall. No construction on Saturday and Sunday though there were many places where there will be on Monday. Slept in this morning and drove about 3 hours home. Will deliver hatch cover to Logan on Monday for him to begin the transformation.

Discovered I have multiple sets of photos in different places on my computer. AUGH!! No wonder my computer is running out of storage space. Also, my couch won’t be delivered till June 6 which creates another complication. I’m not planning to be here! AUGH! Getting this couch is turning into a nightmare. I had been waiting to schedule a time after my little couch was gone. If I had known, I would have rescheduled long ago considering I’m mostly sitting here. But getting bored with deleting photos. I may go over to Franklin Park. I need to get out.

Surviving the Pandemic in numerous ways, but today I’m clearing out duplicate pictures on my computer – I have so many. When I am ejecting duplicates from one of our Nurnberg HS reunions in Denver, I view a few of my dear, dear friends who have passed away in the last year or two and my stomach gets so sick. I have to stop and go on to something cheerier like making a birthday card for a niece I was searching for a picture of her and somehow the NHS folder got mixed up in her family folder. So back to her card and hopefully I’ll be able to withstand these memories of my dear dear friends. But this will only keep happening. What a sad prospect that afflicts us all. Guess I’ll find something really cheery such as an episode of Endeavour – people die there and Endeavrour figures it out, but at least I don’t know them.

Nice lunch with the gals at Goat in Hilliard.  They had a great salad with mahi mahi.

But everything aches.  I’m always reminded of John Denver’s song – ‘There’s a Storm across the Valley” cause I can feel it’s a-coming!!  The arthritis pain index for Columbus says I shouldn’t be feeling anything – tell my throbbing knuckles that!!

Making a Matagorda Bay photo book for Craig and Loretta.  Great pictures if I have to say so myself!!

Think I;ll crochet a few rounds on Anna’s skirt tonight until my shoulder hurts worse.  Watched Finding Nemo and I think I’ll watch Finding Dory tomorrow.  I believe I like it more.  There are crazier characters if that’s possible – the octopus and the truck leaping  off the road into the water is crazy!!

Long time – playing lots of gin rummy online with a computer and I’m really beginning to hate it.  Is there a point to this game?  You can’t make any plans, cards just come at you willy nilly – but I am playing it for distraction.

Waited in a long line to get a Covid test that was required before I had a colonoscopy which was postponed anyway but decided I’d get the test anyway.  It was negative, YEA!!

Updating my Nurnberg memories page and sometimes I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when I begin to enumerate how many of my classmates have died.  It feels like when Mom died.  I feel like throwing up, so I have to quit for awhile.  Like now and do something else to take my mind off things.


I’m apparently not able to keep up a daily log except for every couple weeks. Today, I woke up really aching – shoulder hands, arms, back – hurt to get out of bed.  Got that accomplished because I had several items to pickup.  Library book – Moby Dick which I ordered for my MRI which didn’t happen anyway, groceries at kroger and another batch of yarn.  I had to go inside Joann’s today because I’ve run out of Yoda yarn and couldn’t figure out online which one I had ordered.   Didn’t take long to spot it in person.

Started renaming files that have only a number and I got about 100 done and for some reason when I renamed one, it renames everything in that file to the same name.  So irritaitng.  I had only spent aobut an hour and now I’ll have to do it again!

Had my catscan yesterday which was fine.  I had taken some clonazepam in case I got nervous.  It’s supposed to make you sleepy, but it didn’t do a thing which turned out ok cause I didn’t need it.  Took about 10 minutes.  Don’t know why the MRI people can’t figure out a way to keep your head out if your back is being checked.

Off to scan more photos for posterity and to get them out of the room.  Am also gathering up items I don’t need – taking to VoA.

Wonder if Covid will no longer be a constant presence in our lives.

Attempted another MRI which didn’t happen – again.  I took some anxiety medicine but it didn’t help until I got home and slept from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm.  I have an appointment with my doctor to look at the MRI – ha -.  Think I’ll to make a new appointment and get a different type of medicine.  It will only – ONLY – take 10 minutes but at this point I’d like to accomplish this.

Jeff and Simon came over to help me move the plethora of irises from near the front door.  Just 3 had blooms this year which meant they needed separating.  So thankful for their help.

My back still kills me in the morning.  And after seeing yet another doctor it has been decided that I need a colonoscopy.  Such joy!!!  Two things I hate, to look forward to.  Augh!!

Made reservations for party 2.0 in October for my 75th!!  This time at Huesotonic Woods near Oxford Ohio where Miami U where Simon will be attending – hopefully in person.  One shouldn’t get too excited about making plans anymore.  Who knows, another spike in the Coronavirus could upend everything again.

This will be a rambling collection of happenings since my last note.

June 9th – It is very hot today!!! Bought portulaca variety to replace the pansies.  Many of them died from lack of water and that some were in hanging plants.  Some were completely missing and there’s evidence on the hosta that deer have returned so I think they like pansies.  Must check about the portulaca.  They were one of mom’s favorite plants.  Nice to be reminded of her.  I’ll wait till around 6 to plant them and a storm is coming which will reduce my watering.  I have acquired a trash can without a lid and it is filling up with water.  I’m going to fix some kind of lid that will filter the water, keep mosquitoes out and become my rain barrel.

The weekend was Simon’s.  He received his diploma in a rather unorthodox manner.  At 10 on Saturday morning Metro presented a virtual graduation with pictures of each of the students via youtube.  In the afternoon he received his diploma in cap and gown and masks.  His Covid hair was so big that the cap kept popping off.  Managed to simulate some of the usual boring graduation experience since we had to wait in the car for his name to be called.  At least not as hot as a big gymnasium or outside bleachers.


In my world it is still May 20.  Since I started thinking about writing on the 20th.  I have trouble getting to sleep.  I think I’m getting bored.  I really want to go somewhere – like the beach or something different than here.  But I’m also afraid of going where there are lots of people.  Actually, it’s the getting there, such as staying in a motel or getting on an airplane.  Hmmm! Don’t know how to fix that.

Finished making copies of the Floy Smith side of the family.  Actually there’s a few pages waiting to be printed out.  Computer and printer aren’t talking to each other.  Today sometime I’ll have to set them straight and get the pages done so I can mail them out.  I think Loretta’s sisters should give her a subscription to Ancestry so she can see these herself.  The census files are so tiny.  Couldn’t figure out how to make them fit the page.

Have to turn on Vera and listen to an episode I’ve heard a few times.  My lullaby.

Started working on my Trees What Do They Know site.  That is different.  It has been raining and I’d like to plant some more, but I’d like to make sure they aren’t cut down with the next mowing.  Bench still in pieces.

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