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At church on Sunday C wasn’t feeling very well so he was hanging onto big brother.  When bbro asked why, and he said “you’re the refrigerator and I’m a magnet and that’s my job.”


Chocolate-tube slime mold found on chair of Dwight and Christine (Craig’s grandparents).  The chair is in bad shape as you can see.  I’m taking it home.  The slime mold was on the chair arm with no paint. img_5670



There’s always something interesting here at Craig’s.  Praying mantis’ captured outside and put in a jar.  Next day 1 didn’t have a head and next day less and less of him was there.  We keep waiting for the other one to start laying eggs.  I’ll post a picture of the remaining one.

It is so very hot and humid here.  Last day for swimming – tonight!!

Watched the most recent Star Wars movie.  I loved it!!!

Found snapping turtle –

Very special day.  High school sweethearts marry after 58 years. He never lost the desire to marry her.  They found themselves available and through his perseverance they tied the knot today.  They will divide their time between Warsaw Indiana and Austria.  Nice!!

Mr. and Mrs. Loos img_5459-copy


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Joined Jeff, A and S at Whetstone Park while the guys played soccer and us girls played on the equipment.  Actually she did and I watched from the car which was quite OK for I am listening to The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens – the Untold Story.

Two things I like about it – tells the story of Weyerhauser who owned much of the land around the mountain.  He’s also responsible for eliminating the old growth forests in the upper midwest.  These lumbermen thought the forests were inexhaustible and went whole hog cutting timber.

Also, Steve Olsen is the only person I’ve found who gives President Benjamin Harrison credit for forming the first national forests as National Reserves.  If he hadn’t done that by the time Teddy Roosevelt was president, much of the National Forests we have today might have been clear cut.

After soccer and play, we ate at La Casita.  All in the mood for Mexican.  Bring on the Taco Trucks!!

Cover art

Went to bed exhausted!

St. Michael’s church is gearing up for their festival. A went with me sort of – I was instructed to have a seat on one of the new benches – wonderful idea someone had.  She wandered around finding different rides and then found a friend from preschool and wandered with her and friends.

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and then found a friend from preschool and wandered with her and friends.


But it’s a good day – sort of – if you don’t mind spending $150 to get mold off the carpet.  I’ll add a picture.

Picked up my Mycology book from the library, found an audio about the story of Mt. St. Helens, and Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver.

I’m watching Princess Bride while I make a photo book about zoo trips for Annalise.  Mawage

Such a funny movie.  I need to buy it.  Image result for princess bride quotes





It has been good!  I pissed off some of the higher ups in my Nurnberg alumni group.  Quit being the class rep so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.  All my friends from the 60s are great, and you’d think that since we all went to a school in Germany that you wouldn’t still have clicks!  The 70s – guess they are just like their historic time frame!  After consulting Google –  Those growing up in the 70s are call the ME Generation!  That is so perfect.  That’s what they are!  Ahhh!  I knew there was a reason.

So what did I do, well, I thought it would be only right to invite the in-active members to the next reunion.  My job as class rep was to get in touch with those on the outside to see if they’d come in.  When I went to our website to find email and addresses for them, the old directory was gone and in its place was a Active Members Only.  Which meant I had no access to them.

Second, I asked the board if the in-active members would receive notice about the reunion.  Answer- no – this is a reunion for members only!!!!  What!  When we began this organization in 1987,  the express purpose and really only purpose was to locate as many Eagles as possible and hopefully they would like hanging out with us every 3 years and join.

What I did was keep asking.  And they don’t like that.

OK, onward – I went to my Mycology class – Mushroom/Fungus class.  The microbiology and evolutionary stuff is a little over my head but no matter, we will be going on 4 forays into the woods to ID mushrooms which is why I signed up.

Then I dug a couple holes in the flower garden for my compost – not too thrilling, but it needed to be done.

Scanned pictures of Katelyn when she was little for her Picaboo book which I’ve procrastinated about and I have to finish it in a couple days.

Time for dinner, then I’ll watch Princess Bride while I work on Katelyn’s book – as inconceivable as that may sound, I’ll get it done tonight!!


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