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I wasn’t going to highlight my particular malady but  it has been a full week since this began, thought I might as well.

Particularly since I’m pretty sure the same thing happened last year.  I remember cancelling birthday event with Jeff, Amy and family for the same reasons as this year.

Started Saturday (October 8) night with slight sore throat and swollen glands and has progressed through the week with my throat so sore that I laid on my side hoping saliva would drool out of my mouth and I wouldn’t need to swallow.  Being scientific, I tried to help the drool along by putting kleenex in the side of my mouth wishing it would suck up the drool in case it didn’t flow by gravity.

That was so bad.  Made jello which felt so good.

Monday went, Tuesday the same and I thought perhaps I should see a doctor, thinking maybe I had strep.  Called my Doc and she sent a prescription to pharmacy at Target.  While there I got more sick supplies, OJ/mango juice, soups, half and half for my new blueberry delight dessert, in case (but didn’t happen).

Got home and cancelled play date for Wednesday with Annalise thinking I’d be oh so better by Thursday.

Didn’t happen.  Thursday called my workout trainer to tell her I wouldn’t be in.  When she said hello I tried to say the same thing but a very small whisper came out.  Now I had laryngitis which I would not have known had I not called her.

Picked up Annalise on Thursday for home school gym – seemed to be getting a bit better except for not being able to speak well.  Picked up library books on reserve.  Dropped recycling – must do that or the place will be piled high with paper bags, got a fountain coke which felt good on my throat and went home.

All this time I had an oh so small cough which turned into a racking cough that eventually made my ribs hurt.  I was only on the 2nd day of antibiotics so I was finger crossing that the drugs would work on both.

Another new thing popped up – my ears were ringing so bad I thought they would explode.  I chalked this up to the antibiotic – must look it up.

Thursday night was awful – coughing, coughing, ears ringing but throat wasn’t sore.

Friday seemed to get a  bit better so I made plans with Jeff and Amy for birthday lunch on Saturday.  Thinking each day would be a step of improvement.  NAH!

Bowed out on Saturday lunch and will no doubt be here on the couch Sunday, too!

Now that I have a connection to last year which as I vaguely remember was very close to this year. I’ll pay closer attention to next year’s maybe malady and chart its course daily.


Coughing, sore throat and really tired.  It’s only 7:30 and I’m ready for bed, but I didn’t sleep well last night! Didn’t feel well yesterday either.  Hopefully tomorrow will be on the up swing!

Watched Remember and Holmes.  Senior actors showing how great they are.

Maybe frozen blueberries with cream and graham crackers will be next!

While I watched “Mission Impossible Rogue Nation”  – pretty good.

Then to bed.

Couldn’t decide where to go for lunch and since S. had never been to an Italian restaurant, we headed for Villa Nova.  I had linguine with meat sauce and S. had lasagna.  He looked at the menu and said “Mom would hate this”.  Gluten and carbs – of course there’s other things on the menu that would accommodate a varied diet, but what’s Italian for if you can’t eat carbs!!

I prefer angel hair pasta but even though the menu says spaghetti on all pasta dishes, they only serve linguine.  Interesting.  Must find an Italian with a varied idea of pasta.  There’s nothing like the “Casa Ristorante” in Fort Wayne nor “Amalfi’s” in Indianapolis.  Will have to find one like those.

Got a haircut for him.  Had a free Starbucks coffee and headed home. After the carb lunch he was a bit woozy.

Played a bit with A – first Strawberry girls.  I had 3 and she had 3 and each of the girls wrote a nice note to one of the others but didn’t sign their name.  Then they took turns reading and trying to guess who wrote it. That was over, then we drew, then she dismissed herself to ask next door neighbor to come over to play with Pokeman cards. At that time I was allowed to leave.  HA!!

Great afternoon with S.

First thing on my to-do list involved seeing my regular doctor to complain about the opthamologist I saw last week.  A month ago I had my yearly checkup with him and he said my cataracts were getting worse and I should have them removed.  He told me to return for – at that time I couldn’t remember so I called the office to learn it was for measurements.

Seems as though the staff used every machine in the place, shuttling me from room to room.  Finally I saw the doctor and we discussed having the surgery on the left eye and then back for the second.  As he started to walk out the door, I said, “Will you be doing the surgery?”  He spun around and said, “I told you that last month but I’ll tell you again.”  He rattled off where it would be and it would take 10 minutes.  Then he said I was to go with one of the women standing in the room to set up the appointments.

I was so stunned by his reaction, I almost said, “No you didn’t,” but considering he was cutting on my eyes, I didn’t want to make him mad.

Set up the appointments, but I continued to fume inside about his rude, arrogant attitude.

I told my doctor and she was surprised that he acted that way and is signing me up with the opthamologist she and her family go to for a second opinion.

I feel much better and I can’t wait till tomorrow when I call the office to tell them I am cancelling the surgery.   Ha, Ha, Ha!!  I think I’ll check out his on-line rating.

Had lunch with a friend and we spotted a table sitting by the trash at the restaurant so she rescued it.

After lunch the fun really started.  I stopped by a thrift store and headed home around 4.  Under normal traffic, the trip is about 15 minutes.  I finally arrived at my house after 1 hour of sitting in traffic, rerouting myself only to find another terrible jam.  I don’t think I’ll ever go near the interstate at 4 pm.

Tonight – pottery class.  Hopefully I’ll do a better job this time around.

Whew, what a day and I’m exhausted!!


Who’s the tubby in the green skirt?  She needs to hoop some more!!  I forgot to mention, Craig and I made the hoops from irrigation pipe.

At church on Sunday C wasn’t feeling very well so he was hanging onto big brother.  When bbro asked why, and he said “you’re the refrigerator and I’m a magnet and that’s my job.”


Chocolate-tube slime mold found on chair of Dwight and Christine (Craig’s grandparents).  The chair is in bad shape as you can see.  I’m taking it home.  The slime mold was on the chair arm with no paint. img_5670



There’s always something interesting here at Craig’s.  Praying mantis’ captured outside and put in a jar.  Next day 1 didn’t have a head and next day less and less of him was there.  We keep waiting for the other one to start laying eggs.  I’ll post a picture of the remaining one.

It is so very hot and humid here.  Last day for swimming – tonight!!

Watched the most recent Star Wars movie.  I loved it!!!

Found snapping turtle –

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