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Already into May and we’re coming into a partial shutdown.  Drove over to the Whetstone Park and watched a man and his boys catch 3 catfish.  I wonder if A will enjoy doing that sometime when we can get out.  Saw a bat hovering above the water near the trees, robins and a brown-headed cowbird.  Never happy to see those birds.

My car wash is open again.  Wasn’t sure why they would have been closed except for the employees getting to near each other.

Watched Elmer Gantry – Burt Lancaster is marvelous in those roles.  Watched a submarine flick with him and Clark Gable.  Both excellent.

Owner of the property is coming over Monday to clean up the property and I wonder if he is going to make me get rid of the little sidewalk garden closest to the grass.  Since I took my storage container in I ordered a new one to put any garden tools in.  It’s also a bench which will be nice.  I can get rid of the little chair outside or the rocker which needs fixing badly. I could try painting it since I am feeling a bit better than last time I tried.

Scanned a group of photos from 1981 -1982.  I’ll make books for the boys.  Getting a handle on the Elsa crochet doll.  The directions were not very clear.

A and I have been talking by Duo.  Has a new Apple pen that can be used to draw directly onto the IPad.

Better get to more crocheting.

Got up at 9- definitely an early start for me.  Had breakfast, read the news, worked on crazy jigsaw puzzle and since it was nearing 2 pm, time for Gov. DeWine, I decided to make a quick run to Starbucks for a mocha (excuse to get out of the house).  Drove south on High St. and noticed something odd as I neared their corner – no cars waiting in line.  Hmmmm.  A sandwich board said – closed at 1:30.  Apparently it was only for today and they’ll be back with closing time tomorrow.  All wasn’t lost, I could go through Crimson Cup.  I ordered and as I was waiting my turn, I began looking for my credit card.  It wasn’t there.  I couldn’t get out of line for there was another car to my right.  I got to the window and said I’d have to forget my order becasue – no credit card.  I thought she might say – that’s ok, pay us next time, but no she said ok.  I sat in the parking lot going through my purse again when suddenly I remembered when I got my medicine at Walgreen’s, the nice clerk put it into an envelope and stapled it all together so I wouldn’t lose it.  It’s helpful to remove said card from envelope before tossing the packages into the recycle bag. Thankfully I hadn’t gotten as far as taking it all to the dumpster.

Meanwhile, I finished listening to the Governor’s update and then went out to plant the pansies and ostrich fern I got at Oakland Nursery.  Fern planted where it won’t get mowed down if they decide to turn the area into grass, and then filled 5 baskets with pansies.  Just a little work wears me out so I didn’t get them all done.  Took a break.  Crocheted, ate dinner – steak, veggies and pickled beets then bread pudding.  My goal of not throwing any food out is working so far!

Discovered I was taking twice the amount of BP medicine, so I’m back on the correct dosage and have to take my blood pressure once a day at different times.  So far not so good. It was high Thursday 164/85 when I talked to my doctor and then 170/93 today.  If it’s up the same tomorrow, I’ll call her.

Is Gin Rummy an exercise in futility? I found it online and I can’t stop playing it. I keep thinking next time I’ll get the right cards. But winning is dependent on the cards you get, there’s no logic to it. No talent, just sheer luck! I think it is like a slot machine. I must stop playing. Do you think there’s a Gin Rummy Anonymous out there? This is the result of the virus.

Another listless day.  Maybe I’m getting depressed and don’t realize it.  Gathered the energy to work on Sara’s jumper, but after standing for a bit, the muscles in my butt hurt so much which makes me very tired.  Finished off Yoda except for his eyes – actually two of them.

Picked up more yarn from Michaels, but I’m not happy with the skin tone color I’m trying to achieve.  The color is right but the size of the yarn isn’t consistent with the rest.  It’s too light.  I have a little pile of yarn that isn’t right.  Sure is hard picking colors from the pictures on the internet.  Like buying a rug with a certain color while in a store.  The fluorescent lights change the color of the fabric.  I may have to wait till I can actually get in the store to get what I want.  The pattern is such that you work from the head down so I can’t do any of the dresses for Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna until I have the skin color.

Started reading Bad Blood – about Elizabeth Holmes.  She sure had them bamboozled.  Had the likes of Walgreens and Safeway CEOs eating out of her hands with nothing to show for it.


I was really tired.  Had a difficult time gathering any energy.  Spent time on Duo with A. Told her I was thinking of taking the day off and she said “From What’.  HA HA.

Worked on Yoda and jigsaw puzzle.

A birthday for Annalise.  I made a big card and drove over to her house.  That was fun.  We waved and chatted while she was at the window.  Then we ‘Duoed’ this evening.

I’m having technology issues.  The phone charger cord has gone bad.  I ordered one and it would be May 6 before I got it.  Amazon says they are sending out necessary items faster than others and I really think a phone charger is very necessary.  So I went to another site – Walmart – and I’ll get it in a week. That’s better.

While I was out to deliver the birthday card, I picked up a couple loaves of bread from Great Harvest – 5 grain and cinnamon,  both delicious.  And of course I went by Starbucks to get my mocha.  Lots of people in line.

Worked on jigsaw puzzle and I’m beginning to wish I had purchased a poster instead.   The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai Painting Print

Crocheted Yoda and his coat – looks like I’ll be making 4.  Annalise wants one too!

Finishing up the jumpers for Audrey and Avery.  i’d like to finish them tomorrow.

Been a busy day.


Watched Ten Commandments while crocheting the body of Yoda, so he’s almost done.  Added a few pieces to the jigsaw puzzle.

img_20200408_182002-1Really needed a coke so I drove over to McDonald’s.  None of the workers – even though there are few of them – had facemasks on.  The last time I went through Starbucks they finally have masks on and they are closer than 6 feet to each other.  I wonder if someone reported them.  For this is almost a month since our stay in order started.

A few days ago I started a post but I deleted it somehow.  Went to Starbucks – it’s become my big treat – then I park somewhere in nature.   And then there’s always a surprise – these three Slingshots were parked at Whetstone.


Now to the nature.  Not sure what the two plants with buds are.  Need to return when there are more clues for me to look up.

Lovely sunset as I left.  We may all be in for now but it’s wonderful to know and observe that the beauty of the outdoors is there.


Well something went wrong and my entry was deleted, bummer.  Work on it tomorrow.

Flowers are beginning to bloom in my yard – bleeding heart and Cuckoo pint.  That’s the green foliage with white spots. It’s one of my mother’s favorite plants and it transplants very easily and is prolific.  Once it blooms I’ll add pictures.

Wow 10 days since I’ve shared! It’s Friday, working on Baby Yoda for Aedan.


Yarn is hard to find online.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide which color is really the one you want.  I pick it up at JoAnn’s.  That used to be a terrific treat for there’s a Starbucks nearby so I’d get a mocha while there.  But now it’s closed. Darn virus!!

Besides the crocheting, I started on the new puzzle which will need a bigger table.

img_20200408_182002  I may need to go to the table in the basement. Working on a jumper dress for Avery.  It’s a second one that I started for Sara when she was a little one.  Didn’t get it finished so I’m giving that to Audrey.  Pictures will follow.

Sorting out pictures – still.  I know some have been scanned multiple times due to not having a good plan.  I should have thrown them away and labeled the photos as I went.  For if I had multiples I could have easily identified them.  Going back and finding duplicates that had no label has been a  pain.

Talked with Simon on duo last night.  That was fun.




Wish it was really an April Fools joke.  Heard people saying we’re all living Groundhog Day.  Every day nearly the same.  Takes effort to make it different.

First anniversary of my first knee surgery.  Wow was the recovery awful.  So many bad things happened that I won’t mention here.

Onward – Finished Starry Starry Night.  I work on it while Governor DeWine and company give updates.  The reporters are beginning to irritate me.  They ask – once we flatten the curve, how long before we can get our lives back?  As if soothsayers run the government.  Or how long do you think this will last?  Or they heard that people have called to donate PPE but no one called them back.  I guess there is one person at their desk waiting for that one person to call for a donation.  I’m amazed at the calmness with which the responses are given.  I think it was the Lt. Governor explaining that they’ve had lots of calls and they need to check out the veracity of the phone calls and donation.  To paraphrase a friend – the reporters must have gone to stupid school.

So tired today.  Another cold dreary day, maybe that’s why.  Didn’t feel like doing anything so I occupied my time with the puzzle, pinochle, gin rummy and reading The Company Town.

Working on photo books – Mike’s and then I’ll put together Mary Moran’s funeral flowers book for Andy.

All the people in India who’ve been told to stay in their homes and so many have no homes.  What are the people in charge thinking?  Shows that the politicians don’t have a single idea about how the 99% live.  That’s as much a tragedy as the pandemic.


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