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Christmas on Saturday with everyone.  Doing lots…



And after this came presents … chaos of course.  And my phone battery died.  Alas!

The best part of today is that tomorrow will have more daylight!  The bells at St. Michael’s church sound every night at 6pm and it is pitch dark out. I get so tired at this time of year and I haven’t done much.

After my workout, I made a recycling run.  Drop off plastic bags at Kroger, batteries and light bulbs to Batteries +, paper and plastic to Worthington and it was stuffed, stuffed, stuffed.  I tried with all my might to push my one bag into the container but I had to leave it outside.  Hated that.

Finishing up third apron.

Bright spot in the day was the beautiful cloud formations.

Going to watch my weekly Longmire show and tidy up the strings and such from the aprons.

I hate this is the last season.  Really wonderful show and these last episodes have been quite surprising.

Don’t know what it is about grocery shopping, but it wears me out.  I think I might try the online shopping and picking up at curbside.  I get so tired after the unloading the 3 whole bags of groceries.  To make matters worse, I went for one item – sugar, honey or agave syrup and after getting in my car with $91 of groceries I had forgotten the sugar!!  So I guess it’s cold turkey with my tea sans sweetener.

outside treeI came home from shopping to find this tree in my neighbor’s trash so I dragged it over.  I’ll find some outdoorsy ornaments, perhaps popcorn to brighten it up.

These three families are driving me crazy.  Funny thing is that these three are also in the Johnston family that I just quit. They were driving me nuts over there.  Interesting that Jeff and Craig have this long-lost connection with people here in Columbus.  Likely not the only ones.

Found this website on the Ballard and Bland

They find the connections equally as confusing.

Must quit tonight – killing me!!

Decided to start up again and post what’s been happening.  Particularly when I want to share photos with folks.

Made two aprons and will make the third tomorrow.  If I get this down, I may make a bunch seems like a good way to use up my stash of material.

Recent photos – Annalise’s play – Junie B Jones.

Blah!!  Sometimes I hate it.  Spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to get photos from Microsoft Photos to appear on my File Explorer.  Finally I found something that says they are supposed to appear there automatically.  I looked for a previous set of pictures and sure enough they are on File Explorer.  But the ones I want aren’t there.  I keep finding the set from 2014.

Then I tried uploading the 2014 ones to Picaboo and trying a new Beta version – the photo upload won’t work!!!

Think I’ll have a coke and watch a movie and start again tomorrow.

There is always tomorrow!!  Well, it isn’t tomorrow, but I found the photos by the date!!!

Still time for a coke!! 

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