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Occam’s razor is a principle first developed by the Franciscan friar and philosopher, William of Ockham.

Whilst it is likely that the philosophy was posthumously attributed to him, as it was based upon common medieval philosophy, it seems to be a result of his minimalist lifestyle.

Occam’s razor is more commonly described as ‘the simplest answer is most often correct,’ although this is an oversimplification. The ‘correct’ interpretation is that entities should not be multiplied needlessly.

Researchers should avoid ‘stacking’ information to prove a theory if a simpler explanation fits the observations. Occam’s razor is the process of paring down information to make finding the truth easier.

In science, it is getting rid of all the assumptions that make no difference to the predictions of the hypothesis. If you have a few hypotheses that could explain an observation, it is usually best to start with the simplest one.

Around 10 on a cloudy, icky day, a young man on OSU campus drove into a group of students on a sidewalk who happened to be outside because of a fire alarm.  After hitting several he jumped out of his car swinging a butcher knife.  Within minutes the young man was dead and 11 people were in the hospital.


Annalise and I entered the Franklin Park Gingerbread competition.  We had a great time putting our Gummy Bears to the Columbus Zoo together, but I learned it is not a picnic to make gingerbread houses.  Next year we’ll do it differently.  Like cutting out the pieces and then cooking them  It is very hard to cut out cooked gingerbread – it falls apart!!  We had a roller coaster, polar bear exhibit, horse and foal in a corral with Raisinete’s for horsey excrement, and a pit of vipers. As we went along I realized we weren’t using very much gingerbread, it was mostly a candy display.  Can’t wait till next year.


Looks like a day of reading or watching movies for me.  For the last couple weeks, I’ve experienced loss of  feeling, aching and  increasing pain at night in both hands.  Should contact my doctor on Monday.

A heating pad helps but doing nothing is the best right now.  Annoying.  I have things I’d rather do with my hands than hold them muff like under heat.

Carbon dating   It seems many people don’t believe carbon dating because it makes the world centuries older than they want it to be.

Scientific American article   – changes due to core sampling sediment layers in Japanese lake.

Need to go to the bank to dispute two drafts using my card number.  Annoying.

A new gallery opened at Ohio History Center and Wednesday night was member’s night.  Usually one of those events carries a hefty entrance fee.  However, this one didn’t so I asked Simon to go since he’s interested in history and photography.

They had hor d’oeuvres and free drinks.  Simon declined to eat anything because he thought it looked like the food he grabs from the frig when there’s nothing else to eat. HA!  I said that is exactly what it is.  I grabbed cheese, hummus, fruit  and he relented by grabbing a few grapes.  Didn’t know what the dress code was but it turned out to be like you see everywhere now: jeans, suits, button down shirts and t-shirts with jackets.  Probably about like a Hollywood do where people dress as they wish.

Korea: The Forgotten War  Photos by Max Desfor




Social media lit up like one of those Christmas houses with billions of lights.  So many people thinking their world was at an end.  Reminded me of Orson Welles Halloween radio hoax – The War of the Worlds.

People taking their children out to get passports presumably to move to another country.  I’m shocked at his presidency but ….

Finished the afghan while watching the new “Jungle Book”.  Cute and now I need to read the book.


Watched a couple more episodes of “The Crown”.  Ya wonder how much is pure scintillating speculation.  If any of it is true, they should all be required to have a job in the government.  Too much time on their hands.

Reading “The Miraculous Fever Tree”

























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