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Very quiet here with lots of rain.  I did run out to get a pizza to watch with Footloose.  Cute movie made me smile.  To my surprise, Dianne Wiest was in it which was a treat. Didn’t like Fame which I watched earlier this week.  Too much swearing.  Liked Fame, Jr. better.

I was able to stream the US Open on my computer except for the last hour.  It transferred over to Fox and I couldn’t watch it.  Made no sense for the US Open to carry it from 4 until 9 and then switch over.  I wrote US Open to let them know how I felt – and that’s the truth!!!  Splatt!!!

Worked on my crochet shawl while watching.

Talked with Craig for Father’s Day and wished Jeff a Happy Father’s Day.

For those who know pinochle, I had a double run today!!  Quite a surprise to see 150 points pop up!

My hands and knuckles started throbbing so I checked the arthritis foundation weather index and sure enough the barometric pressure has dropped and the pain index is high.

Didn’t start raining until around 2.  Held off long enough for Jeff and me to clean out the van.  Lots of crap!  As usual the more space you have the more accumulates.  Had gone to lunch with A but she was in no mood to converse.  So she sat and looked at her phone the whole time we ate and announced she didn’t want to talk.  Sat in the car while we cleaned the car.  I had offered to give her some money to help out in the house, but I didn’t remind her of it.

Took quilt to quilter and it will be ready for the binding at the end of the month.  I can work on it diligently in July so I can give it to K next time I see her.

The sogginess continues as I write. Even a tornado warning arrived on my phone.  However, nothing showed up on the weather channel radar except lots of green punctuated by yellow and red.  If the sirens go off then I’ll proceed to the basement.

Speaking of that – I ventured down this afternoon to watch the US Open but it was on Fox and my TV doesn’t get that at the moment.  I really need a new antenna.  When the SS check comes in I’ll order one.

Reading “Reckoning” by John Grisham and it’s certainly not like his other books.  In fact, I’m not sure I like it.  The first part is all about an unexplained murder of Rev Bell by the protagonist Pete Banning. The second part is about Pete Bannings WW2 trials as a prisoner in Battan and Japan.  Beginning to read like “Unbroken” so I just kept flipping pages.  Don’t need to reread the atrocities.  Still not figuring out the connection between Banning killing the preacher and this part of the book.  It’s unlikely that the pastor was part of the Japanese atrocities, but who knows where the mind of a novelist can go.  He must have read a very uncomplimentary book about General MacArthur for there are many passages about his ineptness during that part of the war.

After the rain, I should get mulch to put around the new plants.  I just have to figure out how to get it out of the car and over to the flowers.  Hmm – need something to transport the bags.

It’s frosty because I realized after I got to JoAnn’s for more basting, that if I take the quilt to the lady who does the quilting, I have to remove all the basting.  DUH!  At least I have the top part attached to everything so when I get there it won’t all fall off.  I happened to be at JoAnn’s for their 1st Ann of reopening – had 2 pieces of cake to ease my ‘frostiness’.   I did repair some of the pieces coming apart. Not sure I got all of them.  Think I’ll call about taking the quilt for quilting.

Spent a couple hours trying to figure out Effie Joyce.  Would have been Christine’s aunt.  She died in Seattle WA.  I’ve never been sure if she was really part of the family, however, I found and obituary for one of her brothers who lists her as Mrs. Ross Pendleton from Seattle WA.  Found the connection which closes the loop.  I hate it when there’s a dangling “participle”.  Now I wonder how and why she went to WA while everyone else stayed in Indiana.  Perhaps that’s the reason.

JoAnn’s isn’t available today but Friday so I’ll head over and hopefully spend more than an hour.  I must tough it out.

Selling the van to my neighbor and hoping that doesn’t cause a problem.  It’s a good price – $1,000.  But sometimes people expect more than is possible for a car with 228,000 miles.  Kemba can help with the paperwork – very useful.

Stopped at Beechwold hardware for silicone caulk to fix heel of shoe.  Will add a picture if it works.

Spent a few minutes gluing small items that have been sitting awhile.  Little things just pile up until they become “big”.

NRCA phone call is next week and I need to get items squared away regarding the finances.

Scanned the remaining McKenzie pictures and will work on them tomorrow after JoAnn’s.

Yes, it is.  I can’t put two days together of feeling energetic.  So I just give in to it.  Slept till 9, got up at 10 and continued my morning routine.  Was to go to Filmography to get my digitized photos, but as usual, I got a call asking me to put it off for another week.  There’s always a reason I’ve been put off for nearly 3 years.  This time I will demand it done by a certain date if they aren’t ready by next week.  Actually, I hope he finds my Vilseck negatives and my Brit slides.  That’s most important.

Worked from my couch on McKenzie old photo Picaboo book.  Found out I missed two whole pages of small pictures and a couple here and there.  That means I need to scan more.  This includes jockeying back and forth to my Ancestry tree to see who is who.

I’ll see if JoAnns is available tomorrow.  I need to keep on with the quilt.

Productive day.  Took my quilt to JoAnn’s to pin it together on their big tables.  I ended up getting help from strangers who happened by to see what I was doing.  One helped me turn it and another helped me put more tables together.  It is really lovely and to think that R wanted to throw it away after mom died.  She’ll be so jealous when she sees it.  I took pictures and will add.  After an hour I was sweating and my legs and knees were getting tired. I’m going back to baste it all together tomorrow.  There is a long-armed quilt machine that can be rented.  Not sure if I want to try it on this, perhaps a different project.  A small quilt.


Funny I keep saying how tired I am but today I woke up ready to go.  Amazing how I change from one day to the other.  My elbows are getting worse.  I can’t hold my cell phone to my ear for very long.  Little by little I fall apart.  It’s becoming difficult to sleep on my side because it hurts my arms.  Guess I have to get used to my back.

Played a couple pinochle matches and I’ve won both.  Insomnia setting in so I’ll play one more.

Tuesday afternoon – Spent about an hour basting the quilt top to the muslin.  This will take a while!  So glad to have JoAnn’s to lay out the quilt.

Among the items accomplished this morning – Google news, one game of pinochle, sprayed the weeds.  A couple of my newly planted were pulled out of their hole.  Spied hosta leaves partly eaten so I wonder if the deer got to them as well.

Really tired now – a neverending feeling.

I get up so tired.  Tried to make iced coffee using drip coffee. It just isn’t strong enough so I got busy and put iced coffee in the fridge to set for 24 hours.  I will have to wait till tomorrow.

Meeting at Forum of Knightsbridge to see about Skilled Nursing Care after my July surgery.  Nice looking place but I’m concerned about the quality of the evening staff.  The Chef was on duty and showed us around but she couldn’t answer the questions I had.  Calling tomorrow.

Went to late lunch with A at Chipotle.  Their bowls are so enormous, I have plenty for tomorrow.  Went to the house and painted rocks, looked at her new iPad and then we were both tired.

So tired!!  Played Pinochle and won!!  Finished Camino Island and in my mind, Kevin Spacey would have made a perfect protagonist Bruce Cable.  It is just a perfect part for him, if he ever appears on screen again.

I have another John Grisham book to read.  Pretty soon I’ll have read them all.  It’s been a long journey, may have to reread them.


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