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Guests arrive




Gifts for guests



Gifts galore



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Now I am going to keep track of my insomnia.  I have long thought it had something to do with the moon.  Last night I had a chance to find out. Couldn’t sleep at all.  Tossed, turned, got yogurt, worked a crossword puzzle, watched the sun arrive.  Now I’m really tired.  I will definitely pay attention the rest of the month.  As luck would have it my RLS (restless leg syndrome) is also driving my legs crazy!!

Another whacky thing happened but it wasn’t on a full moon, but close 27th May.  I had been house/dog sitting, carrying items to my car and on one trip returning to the house, I heard thunderous hooves from behind.  I ducked for fear I was to be run over, turned to see two large deer running on my right heading to the front yard and a third on my left following the tree line to the ravine.  All I could think of was the song “Grandma got run over by a reindeer”.

Car packed and I headed home and after turning onto my street,  met 4 or 5 small deer ambling their way up the road and on the sidewalk.  I honked my horn furiously to get them out of my way.  They wandered behind the apartment buildings no doubt looking for snacks.  Once I parked I saw a raccoon scurry along the sidewalk towards the back of the building.

What a wildlife night~~


Out for lunch after church

And Loretta says – What is going on here??

Corban gets his workout with brother Lance and dad Craig.

Princess jigsaw puzzle by Craig, Katelyn, Corban, Loretta, and Grandma.
Little monster photo bombed the puzzle!


 Daxton Birthday party

Big guys playing with a spinning top~


Katelyn and cousin Faith

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A little bug collecting – crickets, pill bugs, slugs – not shown.

Poor doggies went to the vet for surgery.



Our first craft project.  Monsters and people with accessories and a diorama.


Christmas in January!!  Anytime is a good time for Christmas.


Weather looking a bit nasty tonight with problems for early commuters.  I’ll just wait till they get the roads clear and some of the crazies are off the road..  Then head to Arkansas where it is warmer!!!

Monday morning delayed departure by about an hour.  Roads clear and temperature rising so snow is melting.  Clear all the way to MO.

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