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Blah!!  Sometimes I hate it.  Spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to get photos from Microsoft Photos to appear on my File Explorer.  Finally I found something that says they are supposed to appear there automatically.  I looked for a previous set of pictures and sure enough they are on File Explorer.  But the ones I want aren’t there.  I keep finding the set from 2014.

Then I tried uploading the 2014 ones to Picaboo and trying a new Beta version – the photo upload won’t work!!!

Think I’ll have a coke and watch a movie and start again tomorrow.

There is always tomorrow!!  Well, it isn’t tomorrow, but I found the photos by the date!!!

Still time for a coke!! 

I don’t think I’ve been so happy to finish a project as I have this one.  I was hired to do a genealogy for a man here in Columbus.  Naive as I was and having the only previous experience with my own family tree, this one grew and grew and grew.  His family never quit.  Every one of his lineages landed on the east coast around the 1600-1700s.  Because I expect to verify all the material I find on the internet, it takes me a great deal of time.   Lots!!  In fact, in the last couple weeks, aside from going to St Louis with family, I have spent all of my free time on this project.

I don’t have time to do any of my projects!!  I know they may be disappointed, but tomorrow I hand all the material I have over to them and I am done.

Besides, even though I’m doing the genealogy and handing it to them, they will really know nothing of their family.  You have to do it yourself to absorb the knowledge.  I can talk about their family better than they can at this point.

WHEW!!  I may do nothing tomorrow.  Except my house is a mess since coming back from St. Louis and working constantly on this genealogy.

In fact, had a great time!!  Need to start a project – making photo books of our trip so they’re reading when Picaboo has a sale.

I finished a Hawkins Trip – 1949-52.  It was interesting considering they are travelling all over the country and their only daughter has two more children (Mike 49 and Judy 51) during that time.  In addition, my grandfather, Harris, died two weeks before Judy was born and Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins were travelling all over.  Guess they weren’t very grandparenty!

Pictures of trip with Katelyn and Saragrace

Seems appropriate to write today with such an epic event.  I’m in the mountains of Colorado and we will be experiencing about 97%.

About another hour before the event so I’ll be back.

Watched the eclipse on TWC in Madras, OR and Jackson’s Hole, WY and it is awe-inspiring.

Planning now for the 2024 eclipse across the Midwest .


Another yeast problem has started in my mouth necessitating a change in diet.  I’ve already given up milk because of what it does to my RLS (restless leg syndrome), bread with yeast has been flung and now I’m looking at another elimination process and adding food that counteract the yeast.  The biggie to get rid of is sugar!  Yeast love sugar.

Finished “Planet of the Apes”  – amazing book with an incredible ending.

Working on Grantchester – book 1.

Then I’ll work on Ash Adventures.

Letting my right arm rest.  The shoulder has issues and I was crocheting a few days ago which created a flare up.  AH!!  Age.

For at least two weeks I’ve been trying to transfer my Bur Oak Chronicle website to SiteGround so I could add the book as a flipbook.

I know very little about the underpinnings of websites and when they told me I had to have nameservers pointed at blah, blah, blah, My brain went into gel mode.  First of all I need step by step instructions like a recipe.  I was afraid if I did something wrong, the whole thing would disappear.

I wrote back and forth between WordPress and SiteGround, sometimes emailing sometimes, chatting – AUGH!  Finally today I found someone at WP and I gave him two nameserver items and he said – that’s all he needed and it should be working in 72 hours!!!

Then the railroad website I manage needed an update for SpamMaster.  Couldn’t get that to work either even though I followed every direction.  Finally I sent a screen print to SM and was told there were blank spaces in front of the number that needed to go. – Picky, Picky, Picky – but now that works.  Happy Dance.

Only one more piece of technology – I need to delete a website that I’m not going to use.  It was free for a trial, but the email and username that is supposed to work, doesn’t.  I sent a screen shot of that to one of the tech people so she could see the error message I got.  Haven’t resolved that yet.

I’m exhausted.  Think I’ll have an apple and pecans to crunch on!!!

OH, yes, one more.  On the railroad website, I changed the front page and when I update it, only part changes.  I can’t figure that out yet.

Tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow. Too tired now.

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