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Nurnberg High School Alumni

HI, Eagle Alums!  How many ways can one keep in touch?  So far I have a Facebook page, email (, pictures on Picasa web albums, and now this Blog.  If you arrived here, the NHS alumni pages have been moved to –

Not sure what I’ll do with this, but it seems right to have a page to talk about my Nurnberg friends and activities. 

We have a mini-reunion planned for Mystic CT – Sept 13-17, 2010. 

I’m also scanning and uploading photos from previous reunions and times in Germany 59-62.   Look for the links at the top of the NHS page.   Check them out periodically.

7 Responses to "Nurnberg High School Alumni"

Hello Rita,
My name is Rita too. What year were you in Nuernberg?
I graduated in 73.
My name is Rita Ann Banda
Please what was your last name?

I was there from 59-62. I was in the class of 63 but left before I graduated. Did you live in Nurnberg?

Yes, I lived there from 1970-73. I lived in Passtorius

Rita, Have you been to the Nurnberg Alumni Website

Had brunch yesterday with Pam and Ken and Michelle and paul and marge your name came up often because of the great job you are doing see you at herks bash jim

Thanks, Jim. I really enjoy it. I had a dream about Nurnberg folks at a reunion. You and Dave came in a little late after playing golf! Dave had lots of curly hair!! I believe I’ve had this dream before. It seemed so familiar. We always have the same section in this restaurant. Weird!! Really looking forward to Herks!! Give my love to Marge and Chris.

Rita, Have you been to the Nurnberg Alumni website

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