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Drawing, Drawing, Drawing!!

Posted on: January 25, 2012

It is truly amazing!  How can one little girl draw for such a long time.  My hand got tired and I think all the drawing has aggravated my tendonitis!  When I told her she asked what that was.  So I explained it and she shook her head.

We drew this morning while watching Phebus and Ferb.  Mostly playgrounds.  Took a breather to play with the little people and the babies (magnetic paper dolls).  I had a lunch meeting with Mark Noark.  She wasn’t happy I was leaving.  But I said I’d return after lunch.  Ended up going home to work on NHS database and NRCA power point while she napped.

Took salmon over to make chowder and when she woke up we drew some more.  Drew parties – birthday, Easter, Christmas. She drew a picture of Santa coming down the chimney and she had only half of him showing.  It was so adorable.  Amazing to watch her perspective of the world change as she draws.  People’s hand and arm positions.

I told her tonight that I was going away for a few days and she was very sad.  Makes me sad too!!

S worked on CC homework all day!  Lots to learn and remember!  He wrote a page on some aspect of the Declaration of Independence.  His paper had a few errors and when J marked the sentences, he ignored the paper.  He said no one told me to correct it!!  A wants to learn and S is at a point where he’d rather not!!  Childhood.

He “can’t wait” for his new earphones. They come tomorrow.  Wonder how long he’ll find them exciting and decide they aren’t the right quality!!

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