Bits of Life

Saturday and Sunday Sessions

Posted on: June 25, 2019

Since golf and other sporting events are on TV, I venture to the basement for laundry duty.  It affords me the opportunity to multi-task.  While watching golf which doesn’t require my full attention, I work on photo books and occasionally move clothes from washer to dryer and then fold.  Such exhausting work!!

On Sunday I picked up Grandma Hawkins quilt.  It looks beautiful.  All that’s left is the binding.  It is so much bigger than I thought it was.  Think I’ll take it to K to show it to her or should I wait till it is done?  Done, I think is best.

Went swimming with A and A.  Then back to the house for dinner and a movie – Peter Pan.  A loves it and so do I..

Then watched an episode of My 600 lb life.  It’s nothing but tragic in so many ways.  It is touching to see the pain that these folks go through because of their weight.


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