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Fun Friday

Posted on: June 22, 2019

Spent the morning and afternoon at the Urban Forestry Forum at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  Several of my favorite people were attending or speaking – Greg Dahle, Jason Grabosky, Stephanie Miller, Marianne Prue, Alan Siewert.  Greg, Jason and Alan provided wonderful presentations.  Jason’s was title Urban Forestry 2059.  At first I thought it was a misprint, but he projected what the challenges might be in 50 years.  Besides dealing with hover crafts and relocating the east coast to just outside Clelumiti – a megalopolis comprising Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, the challenges were very much the same.  Not too far fetched.  Greg showed results of his fascinating work with tree biomechanics.  As fascinating as it all was, I don’t miss it.

One thing it prompted me to do is get out the old Forestry magazines and write up a compendium of UF around the early 1900s.  A project I want to finish.

From there it was on the see Peter Pan Jr with Annalise as Captain Hook.  She was terrific as usual.  I think she loved the part.  I’ll be adding some photos tomorrow.

The third great event of today was the summer solstice – longest day of the year!!  And it was spectacular – beautiful blue sky and puffy clouds what made it all the more wonderful was the fact that we’ve had about a week of rain and grey skies.  Good for yards and gardens but not for farmers.


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