Bits of Life

Soggier Sunday

Posted on: June 17, 2019

Very quiet here with lots of rain.  I did run out to get a pizza to watch with Footloose.  Cute movie made me smile.  To my surprise, Dianne Wiest was in it which was a treat. Didn’t like Fame which I watched earlier this week.  Too much swearing.  Liked Fame, Jr. better.

I was able to stream the US Open on my computer except for the last hour.  It transferred over to Fox and I couldn’t watch it.  Made no sense for the US Open to carry it from 4 until 9 and then switch over.  I wrote US Open to let them know how I felt – and that’s the truth!!!  Splatt!!!

Worked on my crochet shawl while watching.

Talked with Craig for Father’s Day and wished Jeff a Happy Father’s Day.

For those who know pinochle, I had a double run today!!  Quite a surprise to see 150 points pop up!

My hands and knuckles started throbbing so I checked the arthritis foundation weather index and sure enough the barometric pressure has dropped and the pain index is high.

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