Bits of Life

Thoroughly Thursday

Posted on: June 14, 2019

JoAnn’s isn’t available today but Friday so I’ll head over and hopefully spend more than an hour.  I must tough it out.

Selling the van to my neighbor and hoping that doesn’t cause a problem.  It’s a good price – $1,000.  But sometimes people expect more than is possible for a car with 228,000 miles.  Kemba can help with the paperwork – very useful.

Stopped at Beechwold hardware for silicone caulk to fix heel of shoe.  Will add a picture if it works.

Spent a few minutes gluing small items that have been sitting awhile.  Little things just pile up until they become “big”.

NRCA phone call is next week and I need to get items squared away regarding the finances.

Scanned the remaining McKenzie pictures and will work on them tomorrow after JoAnn’s.

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