Bits of Life

Weary Wednesday

Posted on: June 12, 2019

Yes, it is.  I can’t put two days together of feeling energetic.  So I just give in to it.  Slept till 9, got up at 10 and continued my morning routine.  Was to go to Filmography to get my digitized photos, but as usual, I got a call asking me to put it off for another week.  There’s always a reason I’ve been put off for nearly 3 years.  This time I will demand it done by a certain date if they aren’t ready by next week.  Actually, I hope he finds my Vilseck negatives and my Brit slides.  That’s most important.

Worked from my couch on McKenzie old photo Picaboo book.  Found out I missed two whole pages of small pictures and a couple here and there.  That means I need to scan more.  This includes jockeying back and forth to my Ancestry tree to see who is who.

I’ll see if JoAnns is available tomorrow.  I need to keep on with the quilt.

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