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I’m back!!

Posted on: June 7, 2019

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything, but I feel it’s time.  It’s June 5 and I’m 2 months from my first total knee replacement


Among other issues, my hands and knuckles ache when the barometric pressure drops.  When they start throbbing, I check the Arthritis Foundation website.  Tonight it shows moderate pain which I can feel.

Having an insomnia night – it’s 1:30.  Going to play another game of pinochle and hope it makes drowsy.  Lost this match – oh, well playing against computers.

Slept in but got out pretty early.  Dropped off a book for Simon.  He’s been sick all week.  Then went to JoAnn Fabrics for backing for my quilt.  I went to the Sawmill one and when I asked the clerk where was the widest material because I needed it for the backing of my quilt.  She looked at me like I was having a problem.  She said “Back” and I picked up my quilt and repeated my question.  And she looked at me dumbfounded.  I said, “You don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, do you.”  Then she pointed and said look at the back of the store.  So I asked for the manager.  When he came over I explained the situation and said she didn’t understand my question and you should have people working there who can communicate with the public.  You see she was Asian.  He said we have diversity in the store.  I said I don’t care who I’m waited on but in her position, she should be competent.  He also said she was a new trainee.  He never once said he was sorry about my inconvenience.  So I left and said I’d never be back.  To which he said, Have a nice day.

I went to the Polaris JoAnn’s and you’d have thought I was transported to another universe.  I asked the first clerk the same question and she escorted me to the bolts that were over 108″  and even told me the muslin was 50% off.  When I decided on the fabric I went back to the counter to have the material cut.  The young man was very helpful and explained how much material I would need.  I mentioned I wish I could rent something to lay out my fabric to pin it all together.  He promptly said – I could rent a long arm quilter or I could use or rent space in their creator room.  I went over there and two nice young ladies explained how I could do that.  It was a wonderful shopping experience.   I’m set for June 10th!  I am writing to JoAnn’s to tell of both experiences.  I took names so they’d be properly thanked.

Got another John Grisham book at the library, got the car washed as usual.  Now I’m home planning to have chicken rice soup and relax.  Very full day for me.

Also reading “Camino Island” as an ebook.

Friday – Can’t seem to get too enthusiastic two days in a row.  Was planning to spray weeds, but needed batteries so off to Target I went.  Got the car washed! No surprise. When I got home the landscapers had made a mess of my lilac that has not bloomed in 8 years.  But my son and I had pruned carefully over the weekend and now it looks mangled.  I’m going to talk to the landscape owner and then suggest the shrub be removed.  I was so upset and I practically attacked the man whose job it is to follow orders.  I did apologize.  AUGH!!  I guess that wore me out and then I put the batteries in the weed spray container and it still won’t spray.  That about did it.  I had an early dinner of corn on the cob with lots of butter and baked beans, read some of Camino Island and I’m pretty exhausted.  There’s tomorrow to retry spraying.  Need to work on my recent Picaboo book of old McKenzie photos.  Lots of them.


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