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Technology – exhausting

Posted on: March 6, 2017

For at least two weeks I’ve been trying to transfer my Bur Oak Chronicle website to SiteGround so I could add the book as a flipbook.

I know very little about the underpinnings of websites and when they told me I had to have nameservers pointed at blah, blah, blah, My brain went into gel mode.  First of all I need step by step instructions like a recipe.  I was afraid if I did something wrong, the whole thing would disappear.

I wrote back and forth between WordPress and SiteGround, sometimes emailing sometimes, chatting – AUGH!  Finally today I found someone at WP and I gave him two nameserver items and he said – that’s all he needed and it should be working in 72 hours!!!

Then the railroad website I manage needed an update for SpamMaster.  Couldn’t get that to work either even though I followed every direction.  Finally I sent a screen print to SM and was told there were blank spaces in front of the number that needed to go. – Picky, Picky, Picky – but now that works.  Happy Dance.

Only one more piece of technology – I need to delete a website that I’m not going to use.  It was free for a trial, but the email and username that is supposed to work, doesn’t.  I sent a screen shot of that to one of the tech people so she could see the error message I got.  Haven’t resolved that yet.

I’m exhausted.  Think I’ll have an apple and pecans to crunch on!!!

OH, yes, one more.  On the railroad website, I changed the front page and when I update it, only part changes.  I can’t figure that out yet.

Tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow. Too tired now.

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