Bits of Life

Election Day

Posted on: November 9, 2016

Got up early but not too early cause I didn’t want to stand with the before work mob.   I had tea and toast and gathered the items I thought I might need for the wait- a book, folding chair and my info on which Judges to pick.

To my delight, no one was standing outside, there was one person in front of me at the table.  In and out I went after getting coffee and cookie from the volunteers.

I had items to mail at the post office across the street. Packaged Katelyn’s bracelet box, and gave my card to the postmaster – it was declined.  What a shock. I paid cash and headed home to find out what was wrong with my card.

Surprise surprise, there was enough money but two substantial charges from SunPac that weren’t mine.  I wasn’t sure what company that could be, and when I looked it up I knew it was not something I didn’t remember buying.

Had to get a new card and now I’ll wait for companies with automatic  payments to contact me saying my card doesn’t work.

Mailed a package to Purdue Alumni Silent Auction.  I don’t need these mementos but maybe someone might and make some money for the association.

Went home, worked on afghan, watched The Crown, ate dinner and off to pottery.

20161107_153920The evening was spent watching PBS “Dorrels at Corfu”  and more afghan work.  I purposely didn’t turn on the news until I went to bed at 10:30.  I turned on the radio and was shocked to hear Trump was winning.

Listened to Midsomer Murder while falling asleep and woke to find we have a new president in Donald Trump!


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