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Posted on: October 5, 2016

First thing on my to-do list involved seeing my regular doctor to complain about the opthamologist I saw last week.  A month ago I had my yearly checkup with him and he said my cataracts were getting worse and I should have them removed.  He told me to return for – at that time I couldn’t remember so I called the office to learn it was for measurements.

Seems as though the staff used every machine in the place, shuttling me from room to room.  Finally I saw the doctor and we discussed having the surgery on the left eye and then back for the second.  As he started to walk out the door, I said, “Will you be doing the surgery?”  He spun around and said, “I told you that last month but I’ll tell you again.”  He rattled off where it would be and it would take 10 minutes.  Then he said I was to go with one of the women standing in the room to set up the appointments.

I was so stunned by his reaction, I almost said, “No you didn’t,” but considering he was cutting on my eyes, I didn’t want to make him mad.

Set up the appointments, but I continued to fume inside about his rude, arrogant attitude.

I told my doctor and she was surprised that he acted that way and is signing me up with the opthamologist she and her family go to for a second opinion.

I feel much better and I can’t wait till tomorrow when I call the office to tell them I am cancelling the surgery.   Ha, Ha, Ha!!  I think I’ll check out his on-line rating.

Had lunch with a friend and we spotted a table sitting by the trash at the restaurant so she rescued it.

After lunch the fun really started.  I stopped by a thrift store and headed home around 4.  Under normal traffic, the trip is about 15 minutes.  I finally arrived at my house after 1 hour of sitting in traffic, rerouting myself only to find another terrible jam.  I don’t think I’ll ever go near the interstate at 4 pm.

Tonight – pottery class.  Hopefully I’ll do a better job this time around.

Whew, what a day and I’m exhausted!!


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