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Posted on: July 25, 2016

Went to Home Depot for a few items and since some are so obscure like little pads for furniture to prevent scuffing floors, I didn’t know where they might be.  I was directed by one happy employee to the hardware section but after a cursory look I hadn’t spied them.

An employee was helping a jolly looking man getting new keys and before I knew it, this guy had the employee and I engaged in a 20 minute conversation about his life in Kentucky and how he preferred Columbus because the women had all their teeth.  He said he was working in Kentucky and didn’t like it and wanted to get fired even to the point of not showing up for work, but they refused to let him go so he finally quit.  The Home Depot employee had lived in No. Kentucky so she disagreed with his analysis of Kentucky.  She thought Columbus was too big, too many people.

Continuing on the man told us he  has 2 ex wives and he met his recent girlfriend in a bar in Kentucky but she had all her teeth, long blonde hair and before you know it she had moved in with him and they are still together today!!

Whew!  The employee had to break off our conversation to help another customer so I’m not sure she heard about his good luck at finding a new lasting relationship even if it was in Kentucky.

I’m thankful at these times that I don’t have anywhere I have to be at any particular time for I would have missed listening to this delightful young man’s stories.  Not that I endorse his lifestyle, but he was funny.  One has to wonder about his relationships though.  He was buying a car key for a daughter.  That’s how it all started.  He said you have to buy a key that looks so good she won’t lose it.



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