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Computer needs sleep

Posted on: June 13, 2016

At night my computer seemsto,et a bit wacky ( see what I mean) – like it highlights bits of sentences or the whole page or the cursor jumps to another line while I’m trying to type.  The cursor doesn’t work well.  That’s what’s happening now.  But I just have to say one thing – Delicious dinner and it became breakfast too.

Picked this up the following afternoon.

Sauteed bacon, summer sausage, Swiss chard cut into small pieces.  I dropped it into the sautee, let it steam for a bit, added chicken broth.  The Swiss chard was a bit bitter so as I read about cooking chard, I added a little half and half and wow did it taste good.

Now it is the next day – My night was terrible, 2nd in a row.  Legs driving me crazy.  Fell asleep about 5, woke at 9.  Rough.

Worked out, ate toast with sausage and havarti cheese and sweet chunk pickles on the side.

Planted a few perennials until my back was killing me.

Began a 1,000 piece puzzle of hot air balloons.  Got the border done!!  Stage 1.

Going back out to finish plants.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow. Hopefully!!

Read through the list of the victims of the Orlando shooting.  So many young lives cut down by a deranged man who could by an assault weapon.  That has to be changed.  Who needs those guns – for personal protection – don’t think so.

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