Bits of Life

Traveling Tuesday

Posted on: January 6, 2016

Set the alarm for 7 and when the bugle went off I thought I must have been nuts.  It sounded about 10 times before I could get up and find the off switch!  Then I wondered why I was torturing myself!!  It was still dark!

I made a cup of tea and watched the news until I could move from the foggy, groggy state of the morning.

I got busy loading my car and what a mess it is.  Oh well!!  I’ll fix it when I return from ARK.

Returned Diary of a Wimpy Kid to A, gave S a muscle car calendar and retrieved my phone.

Drove through Starbucks for breakfast and hit the road about 9:30.  Stopped in Brookville for gas, a coke and ice cream cone.  I was starting to get a little sleepy and needed a sugary pick me up.  NO ice cream, the machine was broken.  So I settled for 2 apple pie.  Much accomplished on that stop, I continued on.  Calculating I would need a stop in Terre Haute for gas, a walk around break at Cracker Barrel and a Frisco Melt at Steak and Shake.  The Cracker Barrel stop resulted in a couple gifts as usual!

Dad was imperative about getting gas before getting into MO but when I crossed over, the gas was cheaper – $1.73.  Oh well, times change.

Was anticipating going through St. Louis where the flood hit hard.  I sometimes stay in Fenton and the evidence of the flood in that area was everywhere.  Woody debris stacked up along the bridge abutments, and plastic bags hanging all over the fences and shrubs.  That part of the interstate was underwater.

Got through the area with little trouble, but an accident on east bound I44 had a terrible traffic jam.

On my last leg – onward to Rolla.  Checked in at the Comfort Inn and went back to the car to get what I needed from the back.  I forgot about the boxes stacked there and when I opened the hatch back, papers started falling out!  I could do nothing but laugh as I picked them up.



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