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Wednesday, Thursday, what day is it!!?? By George it is Friday!!

Posted on: November 6, 2015

Where does the time go!!  I’ll go backwards since that’s my mind is in terms of remembering.  Getting ready for the railroad conference in January.  Need to set the fee structure and I made this massive spreadsheet for all the day’s expenses last night.  And that maybe the problem.  I made a huge error and thank goodness the man I’m working with it saw a problem.  I had people eating on days when they didn’t and it skewed the numbers considerably!

Got it fixed this morning and now we can make a reliable suggestion to the board.   WHEW!!

Made split pea soup with a piece of jowl bacon and it just doesn’t have the flavor that a ham hock or ham does.  It’s ok and I think I can spice it up.

Didn’t go to adult clay.  I’ve actually missed so many times this session, I couldn’t get anything done.  But I needed to get the spreadsheet fixed.

Backing up – Thursday – took Annalise to Whetstone for home school gym.  Coach Chris was glad to see her.  I dropped into the library while she was in class.  Got my class time wrong so I missed my workout.  I was aching all over anyway and I was grumpy from mixing the times up.  Amy came back to get Annalise but I stayed with her so she could play with friends.  Found a good Nazi/British non-fiction that looks interesting.  So I read that while she played.  When we got to the car she was ravenous.  I think I’ll put a few snacks in the car for future times like these.  Dropped by Wendy’s for a lemonade to begin filling up the empty tummy then 5 guys for a medium fry.  They are really good and we shared them.

Oh yes, Wednesday.  Now I remember.  Went to the PO to mail some packages – Bayreuth glassware and one of my whacky bowls to Darlene. Took me 4 times to my car and back to the PO to get it correct for mailing.  First I had the wrong size box.  Then I didn’t bring the addresses with me.  Me and a revolving door at the PO.  Also, mailed a Bur Oak Chronicles to Leif and Bonnie.

I had another errand to begin marketing my book.  Corner to Corner is a local bookstore and I hoped they might look at it with hopes of it being sold in the store.  The parking lot was full when I got there and it turned out there was a book signing for 2 children’s authors.  I caught about half of it and ended up buying 1 each of their books for Christmas presents.

At least I got on their mailing list for their next author events.

Watching Great British Baking and it is really fun.  The people are so nice and no one is yelling.  But there are tears when someone has to go home.

Found a few more British crime shows, Line of Duty – second season.  Very suspenseful.  The Blackwork that only comes out once a week!!  Terrific mysteries.

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