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Tuesday Happening

Posted on: November 4, 2015

I’ve gotten quite used to waking and going back to sleep so when I’m at Annalise’s, she wakes me up a bit earlier than I’m used to but at least the sun is up.

We had plans for the zoo today.  It was in the 70s and since this is November 3, it won’t last long.

She played with Shopkins and LPS.  We played “Would You Rather…” two times.  It is really a very short game but interesting.  There are challenges and fun things to do as part of the game.  Annalise had to keep a spoon in her mouth through 2 turns.  So funny, you don’t think you’ll drool as much.  I guess it’s because it’s hard to swallow with the spoon on your tongue.

Finally go to the zoo about 1.   We went to Asia which was decorated like it was Hogwarts, but named “Frogwarts”.  Had our lunch and went over to the Reptile place.  It is so amazing to see the snakes, frogs and turtles.  After exiting that area, we ran into Emma, Alaina and Kevin.  Kids were out of school which made sense of all the school kids at the zoo today.    Went from there to the the manatee and fish buildings.

Next time I’m getting a motorized scooter.  My knee was killing me and still is.

RLS symptoms  are starting to bother me.

Having RLS symptoms again tonight.  Last night it was bad also.   Got up for a banana and then found a small Twix bar which seemed to do the trick.  It was around 3 am.  I met Amy in the kitchen; she wasn’t sleeping well either.

Reading “The Secret Rooms” for book club, but it’s a bit dull after reading the Martian.

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