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From Tuesday onward to the next Tuesday

Posted on: November 4, 2015

In between the last musing, Wednesday I did a makeup workout and joined Dena for lunch at Northstar.  Delicious lunch, good company but the music is oh, so loud.  Don’t know if I’ll go there again.  Maybe try the other one.  The salad was so wonderful, roasted beets, acorn squash, pecan and McKenzie Creamery cheese.  I need to try this at home.  I am back to crocheting and found some interesting scarves or cowls, but I couldn’t get the pattern to work.  It is a diamond shape that looks like it is knitted.  Went to Studio 614 on Indianola hoping I could find some help.  Wrote on the local kinit/crochet blog and I may get some help this Sunday.

Thursday – workout instead of Friday. I’ve been spending most of my free time on photographs.  Putting them into separate albums for everyone or maybe every group.  Have one for Mom and Dad’s friends over the years, Jannusch family, McKenzie family, etc.  Gave up on the crocheted cowl with diamonds for now and I’m making a simple double and triple crochet scarf to give to an organization that supplies hats and scarves to homeless folks.  At least I can get rid of the acrylic this way and make some scarves for myself or to give away out of some of the really pretty yarn I have.

Friday – Big highlight was going to see “The Martian” with Simon.  It was very good!  I still liked the book better – with a subject as complex as this one, they couldn’t put everything in the movie.  But it worked.  Simon liked it and then we went to Dewey’s for pizza. First tried Pies and Pints but it was so crowded, the whole mall was doing Halloween and consequently the wait for the restaurant was over 40 minutes.  We’ll try it another time.

Saturday – continued working on albums and crocheting in between.  Ohio McKenzie’s went to Cedar Point.  They were all pumped for the various life threatening roller coasters!!

Sunday – was going to sleep in, but I needed to get some things at the grocers so I thought I’d go to First Watch since I had a free birthday entree, but again the wait was over 45 minutes.  Went to grocery store instead and gave it one more try.  I really wanted to eat breakfast out.  2nd try at FW was no better.  Then I remembered the HI across the street and it has a restaurant, but they quit serving at 11.  Strike 2!  I decided to get a coke at McD and go home.  As luck would have it, they are serving breakfast all day so I got the burritos and hash browns.  Not quite like First Watch but it was ok.

More album work and crocheting.

Monday was about the same – workout, crochet, work on albums. While sitting with my projects, I need to watch something.  PBS had “Homefires” and “Indian Summers” on Sunday which means I can watch them online on Monday.  I promised myself I wouldn’t watch both of them back to back and then watch Doc Martin.  Well I didn’t watch back to back mut I finished all three on Monday and now I have to find something else to watch.  The Great British Baking Show has stepped in to take the place of my usual fare of British mysteries.  More low key than the Us cooking shows and so compelling I almost want to bake – not!!

Monday, it’s time for “The Voice”.  I have been going over to watch and stay all night since Annalise and I have our usual Tuesday happening.  She thinks it should now be a tradition.  And so it will be!

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