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DC Trip extra

Posted on: October 17, 2015

After being picked up at the airport along with Meg and Darlene,  by Herky and Pat, we  stopped for a delightful lunch at a Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant we happened to find in Fairfax, VA – Yayla Bistro  Wonderful food.

And then, the DC traffic got to me!  I was in the backseat of a large truck driven by Herky.  And it wasn’t his driving, but the terrible stop and go of the long line of cars.

We encountered more bumper to bumper stopping and starting.  This next layer of the trip was highlighted by my proclivity for motion sickness.  At one point Pat DiFabion and I did the Mexican Fire Drill and traded places.  But it was too late.  My inner ear was beyond the front seat change.  I needed to get out of the car and walk to the hotel.  But they wouldn’t let me!!  Then complicating this was Gay waiting at Dulles Airport.  I was doing my best, but my insides weren’t cooperating.  About this point all of my insides become hyper active and sensitive.  I can’t stand smells, bright lights, and my intestine acts up.  So I needed to find a bathroom.  I got out of the car and wandered through the closest set of office buildings.  Unfortunately it was just after closing time- no doors were open.  Poor Herky was following me around the parking lot, then picked me up having found directions to an old fashioned service station.  I hunched my way over to the bathroom while poor Darlene explained to the owner what was going on and he asked her to have a seat.

The 3 miles to the hotel was interminable and I kept threatening to get out and walk, but no one would let me.  Of course there weren’t any sidewalks so I could see their point.  Finally we were in sight of the hotel so I did walk and nearly beat them to the driveway.  I went to bed, missed dinner but was myself the next day.

I wish I had a picture of me walking along a small ditch on a narrow country road.  I hate motion sickness.

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