Bits of Life

At the Beach – Wednesday

Posted on: September 23, 2015

Got 2 Kayaks – will add pictures.

Found moon jellyfish washed up on shore and then one in the water that was spotted by Amy and then netted by Katelyn.

Green anole on porch screen.  Interesting information from

“Green anoles are medium-sized lizards with long tails. They are the only anole native to the US.  Sometimes called chameleons because of their color-changing ability, they can be anywhere from emerald green to brown or gray.  When stressed, they turn dark brown. Males have a pink or red extendable dewlap or throat fan. Males often engage in lateral displays that includes head bobbing and pushups. The toes have adhesive pads on the undersides.

Green anoles are easily tamed and are common in the pet trade. They are active during the day, often around human habituation, and regularly bask head down on tree trunks, fence posts, decks or walls.”

Lots of kayaking.  Everyone out but me.  Craig put out a crab trap, got about 30 conch and 2 small crabs.  Not what we were planning for our feast.  Hopefully there will be more when we go crabbing with chicken necks.

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