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Wonder Wednesday

Posted on: September 3, 2015

I wonder if I’ll ever finish these photo albums!!!!  Found nice albums at Volunteers of America, both stores.  Bought knit skirts – about knee height and one a little longer.  All are knit – more comfy.  I’ll be looking for more.  I may even get rid of my pants and shorts and have skirts only.  We’ll see.  Found a nice pair of red espadrille shoes also.

Also, my printer/scanner is no longer working with my computer.  At least it was just the scanner and the printer worked fine.  But I put in new ink cartridges and I’m getting really crappy pictures.

So the scanning of the 1970’s photos will have to wait.  I have a call in to Canon about it.  Hopefully I’ll hear tomorrow.

The lawn folks are cutting  3 feet into the dense honeysuckle.  After they finish I think I’ll tackle the remainder.  No one will notice for sure.  Glad I waited, now I’m getting some help.

I ordered PG Tips tea on Amazon, but it will take till the end of the month to get here since it’s coming from England.  I’ve missed my tea!  Had to buy a small container to tide me over.  It really is so tasty!!

Ta, Ta for now!!

One more thing – Also discovered a couple days ago that I’ve exceeded my photo limit on my WordPress site so I have to upgrade to the $99 level to add photos.  Always something, but I can’t really complain it’s been several years of use for free.

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