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Posted on: August 12, 2015

One project a day !  That’s my new mantra.  Worked out this morning but it was an hour earlier and I didn’t have enough time to get my back ready.  Thought I was going to collapse when I got home.  Between the arthritis and the other aging issues with my spine, I sometimes have a pinched sciatic nerve and it makes moving difficult.

Got home and got started on the printer’s typecase that’s been sitting in the basement since I moved here.  Didn’t really have enough wall space so it just hung there.  I asked A if she’d like it for her room if I painted it.  She said she’d like it white to match her room decor which is purple and white.  I forgot to take a picture before I started on it, but this one looks pretty much like it.  (To the right)

Vintage Hamilton Wood Letterpress Type Printer Shadow Box Drawer Display CaseI started cleaning it up and realized that everything between the columns and rows is paper which means all that has to come out before the paint can go on. So I spent the afternoon outside in my painted Adirondack chair (I’ll add that in a later post to show the before and after). First spraying with Murphy’s oil soap to soften the paper and then using a blunt ended tool to remove the paper and following up with a knife to get all the little pieces off.  I began to feel a bit compulsive about the paper after awhile.  But think I have it all.  I started washing it with more Murphy’s and boy was there allot of ink.  Took several washings.

Tomorrow I’ll finish it up and start painting.

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