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Great day!

Posted on: June 7, 2015

Started out actually the night before.  I let kitty in rather late.  I thought I spotted a shadow moving in the dark along the wall of the Florida room.  I flipped on the light and saw a chipmunk.  I really think kitty brought it in and dropped it.  Little chippy wasn’t there this morning so I figured it found it’s way out.  The sink had clogged up after I ran the garbage disposal.  So …. that wasn’t too bad.

Went out with A and Dad to get a birthday gift.  Had a great time.  She’s becoming such a sweet little lady.  Went out to Applebees – she had fries.  Her favorite food.

Got home and kitty went out then came back to the door with another or the same chipmunk in her mouth.  I ran out to yell, she dropped the chipmunk who ran around frantically and before I could get the outside door open, it rounded the corner and went into the house.  I chased it around and looked for a broom or something and came back to the living room to find nothing.  I didn’t know where it might be hiding so I knocked on everything to scare it out, but nothing.  The patio door was open so hopefully it slipped out.  I sit here wondering if it’s going to pop out anytime.  Surely hope not.

Used a full bottle of MaxGel unclogger.  Now I’ll wait and see.

Wonderfull – waiting for a chipmunk and an unclogged sink!

Between the kitty carrying around 10 pair of socks and then chipmunks and a shrew – forgot to mention that – I wonder if she isn’t having a “maternal” instinct.  For the chipmunk never seems hurt.

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