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Surprise at CARS

Posted on: June 2, 2015

Took my car to CARS for an AC fix.  It was a major issue – monetarily also.  Dragged myself out of bed for a 9 am appointment.  After sitting down for  a few minutes my customer service rep walked into the waiting room.  I thought Uh Oh!!

Well it was Uh Oh but to my benefit.  They found a third hole in the AC unit behind the dash and that would be an additional $1100 because they had to remove the dash – $900 of labor and 9 hours to work on it.  BUT, and here’s the great thing – since they quoted me one price, they aren’t charging me for the extra and I got a rental car for free!!

This doesn’t always happen!  They’ve also changed their way of giving an estimate.  It’s done verbally and on paper and you sign saying they’ve explained it to you!  Much better customer service since I complained about the estimate process.

Came home, worked on the Railroad Contractors website, watched Bosch (Amazon original), got really tired and covered up on the sofa.  Woke up 3 hours later!  I never nap!

Kitty is becoming very spoiled.  She sits on my lap for long periods.  Then gets up, eats a bit, comes back to be scratched. Then starts it over again.  But she tries to go out at midnight and then expects me to wait up until she decides to return.  No way!!

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