Bits of Life

Don’t know what to do today

Posted on: May 22, 2015

Cat woke me up at 8, along with my phone alarm going off. Gotta change that! Struggled downstairs for tea and toast.  Turned on the heating pad.  Watched the unfortunate events on CNN and sat!

Watching Treme, attacking ancestry which I’ll be doing forever!!  Interesting find.  A relative on the McKenzie side and a relative on the Hawkins side were in Jamestown in 1623 following the Native American uprising that killed many Planters, but they managed to survive and their descendants met in Indiana, married and had children.  Pretty weird.

Still sitting.  Think I’ll read today.  After this episode of Treme is over.  Thought I had watched it all.  Now I have something else to watch while I multi task!!

Krueger coffeemaker seems to be on the outs.  First the teakettle quit working.  They’re going to think I’m sabotaging their electrical items.

I do need to take a walk.

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