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Wrist Injury

Posted on: May 16, 2015

After 2 weeks I’m able to type with 2 hands sort of.  I can’t lift anything with my left hand and with too much use, my thumb starts killing me.  I wore the brace constantly for over a week and then one day I took it off and notice the blue around my wrist and the yellow down my forearm and even to the lateral edge.  I wonder what it looked like a few days after my fall.

Been typing with one finger alot or doing work that used one finger – such as Spider Solitaire or Free Cell.  Getting downright tired of those games – win or lose.

Lots has happened since the injury.  Drove to Louisville with Amy and the kids.  Jeff was speaking at a conference for several days so it seemed –

Whoa – having a complete and total monsoon like downpour outside.  I hope Merry is in a good place.  I’m house sitting, which was going to be mentioned later, but with the rain I have to digress.  Checking out the radar, lots more is going to keep coming.

Another digression – the Preakness is on today and since I seldom have a TV to watch, I was hoping to catch one of those 2 minutes of excitement.  That is if I can figure out how to get the TV on.  I can watch Netflix, but with 3 remotes, I’m unable to access the TV part of it.

Well, here’s Merry, I guess she wasn’t outside.IMG_1769

Back to Louisville.  What should have been an easy 3 hour drive from Columbus turned into 5 hours due to an overturned semi across I71.  We detoured to a 2 lane country road that provided excellent scenery until we neared the exit where the accident happened.  Everyone else was joining the parade through a stop light.

Our first stop after Chipotle’s was the Louisville Skate Park.  It’s an enormous city park.  Simon loved it.  Annalise wanted to get to the hotel to swim and see Dad.

From there I went to Dee and Susan’s in Austin, Indiana.  They’re old friends from college days.  Haven’t seen them in several years.  Spent lots of time talking about old days and new ones – especially grand kids.

Hoped to visit other friends while I was in the area, but schedules got complicated.


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