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Horse for Corban

Posted on: April 23, 2015

When I arrived at Fort Smith, Corban was peering out the door glass waiting for me!!  Such a cutie.  Besides hugs and kissed he greeted me with a kit to knit a horse.  It was adorable, but I don’t knit at least not yet, still trying.  I told him I’d find crochet pattern of which I did.  However, it was one of the most confusing set of instructions I’ve ever seen.  After much wrangling back and forth with the author of the instructions to no avail, I took it apart and did my own thing using Amigurumi style –  I usually hate Wikipedia for I still don’t trust it’s validity, but for crochet I think it will suffice.

While at the house, Corban asked every hour or so if the horse was done!!  When I got home I looked for a free pattern but couldn’t find one so I made one up.  Ran out of the original yarn.  Found another multi-colored skein and continued giving the horse a real multi-color!  He loved it!!
multicolored horse

Corban with horse

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