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Tax Day!!!

Posted on: April 15, 2015

Took my taxes to the post office to obtain certified mail slip.  Cost $17 for all 5 of the envelopes, Fed, State and 3 to city (my tax guy didn’t know I owed them, so what do I pay him for?).

One year Ohio said they didn’t get my payment, so I dragged out my Certified Letter document and a copy of the back of the check where someone had signed it.  They let that one go.  I just don’t trust them so I make sure I’m covered.
But to my surprise, there were no lines.  I took “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in case I had to wait.  Thought that was an appropriate book for tax day at the post office!!!
Stayed with Annalise and family last night, it was her birthday and we had a little celebration.  Got alphabet letters for her name in her room.  All except the letter I.  Will need to go to another Walmart for that.  Also found 5 books for her; one Encyclopedia Brown, one Boxcar children and three A to Z Mysteries.
We watched the Voice and I truly like American Idol better.  The judges talk too much and it sort of drives me crazy.  They’re down to 10 and there’s a couple really good singers.
Annalise got a Karaoke machine and gave us a concert of “Let it Go” and other songs.  She loves to perform. I filmed on my phone; it’s very grainy, but  gestures are so cute.
Working on a horse for Corban.  I had to buy additional yarn since I changed the pattern.  It’s multicolored and matches pretty well.  He wanted me to knit it, but I don’t knit very well.  However, the pattern I found on Ravelry stunk!  Really! The author is from Germany and her directions were very ill defined.  I finally just pulled them all out and started over on my own.  Did the Amigurami magic to make the body, neck, and head.   I’ll put a picture here when I get it finished.
Can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I wrote.  I must make this a priority.  No solitaire until I write!!!
I’m off to Gatlinburg on Friday.

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