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A little digression and b****ing

Posted on: March 31, 2015

Here’s the scenario – I have been watching the NCAA tournament at a relative friends house.  Upon leaving one night, I was told that since the wife wouldn’t be home over the weekend, I can’t come over because he has a policy of never being alone with a woman other than his wife.

As he was informing me of it, he paused and looked at his wife.  I thought – don’t tell me he’s going to say I can’t come over and sure enough he did.

I felt like saying something smart alecky like “I’ll be sure to wear my chastity belt, I promise I won’t jump your bones, or I could sign a pre-nup of sorts stating I won’t charge you with sexual harassment.”  The best would have been – “So you find me so sexy you won’t be able to keep your hands off me!”

I thought it was so silly but I deferred to his principles no matter what.

Then at a birthday party the day after the game he says to me, I guess you didn’t get to watch the game yesterday and then proceeded to tell me how exciting it was.  I said I had read about it on the news.  I think he should have just let it go.

Only 2 more and then I’ll be finished bitching.

At the birthday party, one person kept talking about how much she saves on food.  “I don’t usually buy this cheese but since it’s a party , blah, blah, blah.  Then she’s complaining that she buys a certain type of salad dressing because it’s cheap, but she hates it and hates the way it makes her salad taste.  Duh!!

Then she and her husband said they splurged and got a Redbox movie for the kids.  Splurge = $1.39 or something like that.  Almost every word out of her mouth has to do with saving money.  You’d think they were paupers, not!!!

Just obsessive compulsive.

I tried to help clean up and I almost put a dirty pan on top of another dirty pan in the sink and was chastised because it might have gotten the outside of the pan “covered” with potato soup of which there was hardly any in the bottom pan because I had scraped out the soup into a container.  Everything has to be done in a certain way.

Did I say obsessive compulsive!

Now for the brothers who come to the party and never include anyone else in conversations and talk so loud that you have to go into another room to have your own conversation.  There conversations revolve around guns, cameras and themselves.  Mostly themselves.

Did I say self-centered, narcissistic  and rude?

Then – I think this is the last – One of the brothers has 2 sons and surprisingly one of them has long hair and the other has a buzz.  I was totally shocked that they let him have his hair his way.  But during the opening of presents, the girl received some barrettes and much fun was made  insinuating that he could use one of them.  Someone else talked about putting his hair behind his ears like she does for her daughters.  I couldn’t believe that right in front of the whole group, they’d make him an object of ridicule.

Did I say I hate going places with those people?

Wow!  I’m exhausted – whew.  I feel better now, I think.

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