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Posted on: March 23, 2015

Took Annalise to Selby park which she seems to like the best. She played with a couple little girls and when we were ready to leave, she gave them a hug and her email address. The girl was about 5.

It was so slushy that her boots and feet got soaked. In the car she cried and complained but never said why. I could have told her to take off her boots but she preferred wailing!!

Another day – I had slept over and when I wandered downstairs I found everyone near the fireplace with some sort of electronic device. At some point Annalise wanted to get dressed. She went to the bathroom and then came back all angry saying nothing is going right so she ticked off:
1. It’s 30 degrees outside (I can get upset about that one also).
2. I have to get my own clothes and
3. There’s no towels in the bathroom and I had to use the shower curtain to dry my hands.

Number 2 was particularly funny – Mom said “I think most 7 year olds get their own clothes.” Annalise said, “I know.”

New boots were purchased that day so freezing feet will be a thing of the past.

Another day I took the

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