Bits of Life

Annalise’s temper

Posted on: March 23, 2015

Took her to a new park and while I sat in the car, I watched her play with other kids. Things seemed to be going well until she walked up to a little girl and gave her a push. So I got out of the car to see what was happening. She was very sullen and the girls were snipping at each other. Then a few more girls gathered around the other girl so I stayed close. Don’t know what happened but all was not well in playground land.

I said we should leave and somehow we headed to the car but she grabbed the box of chalk and headed back to the jungle gym, got onto the top hugging the chalk and began snipping at boys that were there. Other grandmothers were there commiserating with me. One grandma reminded her boys that they are Christians.

Every time I approached her she would run away so I just said, I’m not chasing, I’m calling your mother to come get you.

I have a feeling that she felt slighted by the girls somehow since they all knew each other. But since I didn’t see or hear it. I couldn’t do anything.

The way she was hugging the chalk it was like she had something that was hers. So I let her take them home. Her chalky blanket.

Of course she wanted a hug when she left. It’s not easy growing up. It’s also not always easy to be a grown up!

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