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Calming down

Posted on: March 4, 2015

It’s been a couple hours and I think I’m finally able to write.  Don’t know if it’s better when you are upset or not.  I chose this time to come down while cross-stitching and watching “House of Cards”.  Took my mind off of bad customer service.

My car repair place has gone by the way side.  The last time I went in, I was “told” in words and here is the crucial part. I was told that I needed to have a valve repair which would cost about $350.  I also was “told” the sway bar that was making clunking sounds would also cost about $350.  I said, since they are both about the same, I assume getting the valve fixed would be more crucial and he said yes.

Well, it turns out that the valve repair was about $500 instead, which was on the bottom of my receipt.  However, since I had heard verbally that it was going to be closer to $350, I went with that.

So the day I went in for the repair, I was told the $500+ amount.  I got a bit upset after I left because I wasn’t prepared for the amount.  It wiped out my checking account.

So I wrote a letter to the Service Department and after 6 days with no reply, I called today.

The manager was immediately defensive.  He said he had my letter in front of him and didn’t know he needed to reply.  Now I don’t think the man has ever gone to any customer relations classes, for when a customer is unhappy, the first thing you do is contact them.  Not wait for me to make a call.

He stated that in the 8 years that he had employed this person,  he had never heard of him making a mistake.  There’s the managers first error.  It was all my fault.  He explained that the amount was on the bottom of the last bill and I said, I was sorry that I didn’t see it, but I was counting on the verbal communication I had had with his serviceman.

It was getting a bit heated and I said that because I was upset, the first thing he should have done was to apologize for the problem and he said, basically that he couldn’t apologize for something that he didn’t think happened.

I finally just said, I’d never come there again and hung up on him.

However, I took the time to look up several websites that talk about how to deal with angry, upset customers.  He did everything wrong.  In fact the more he talked the angrier I got and he should have been trying to disarm me even to the extent of pacifying me and giving me a free oil change or something.

So I’ll never go there again nor will I recommend their service.  In fact I need to go on line and be a little vindictive by giving them a bad rating.

And I just did and also got back a letter from the manager who rerated me for the fact that our conversation didn’t go as I expected.  He also said he couldn’t and wouldn’t say that his employees made a mistake because that would be lying.

What a doofus.  Doesn’t he realize that many companies explain that they are sorry for the miscommunication and error on their part to make their customer happy.

Well, I will be keeping those letters for awhile.  But no more bad reviews.  After all he does have my address.

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