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Lung scan

Posted on: February 24, 2015

What an interesting morning!  I had a lung screen about 3 months ago and there was a little “something” in the picture so I was scheduled for another of the same or so I thought.

I got all comfy on the table with a cozy blanket and the technician started searching my arm for a good vein!  I was a might confused about this time.  I asked what was happening and she informed me I was to have a diagnostic look at my lungs by inserting a contrast dye into my vein.  Then she pronounced that she found a good one!

I was so happy for her, but this was the first time anyone said anything about a contrast dye.  I couldn’t figure out how this had slipped by everyone’s radar, to inform me of the entire test.

I did fill out a form in the waiting room stating I wasn’t allergic to any of these types of contrast dyes, but you know how hospitals are, they ask all kinds of questions and never do anything about them.  I know for a fact I’ve told my doctor several times about symptoms that never get discussed because no one looks at the forms.

So I thought this was sameo-sameo.

That was until the technician said “this dye I’m putting in your veins will make you feel warm from your neck down to your bladder and it may make you think you’ve wet your pants.  But don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal!”

It’s a good thing this lady was so nice and sweet.  I told her this was the first I had heard of this test.  Then she explained how the first CT lung scan I had before and thought I was repeating, was for screening and this one was the real thing.

Boy, talk about needing a bit more info from the doctor!!

Then she said I shouldn’t take metformin for 48 hours and I should drink lots of water because the dye is hard on the kidneys.

All before 11 am!

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