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Posted on: February 10, 2015

Events of the day – Wrote on Target facebook page that I didn’t think they should sell the 50 Shades of Grey personal products which created quite a firestorm regarding my ability to think.  The comments came fast and furious and I decided to ignore them, because they were getting a bit ugly towards me,  until a person from “Narc Abuse Survivors” entered the fray.  She talked about the entire picture around the book and movie and how it denigrates women.  Suddenly the Target responders were silent.

Then I got into a discussion about global warming/climate change on facebook.  What a world of difference!  Actual conversation and stating of facts for either  side.

Was called by Annalise to have a sleepover.  I picked her up to attend the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity.  Terrific place.  Lots of people and Annalise wanted to wander the room alone.  She looked at every display and talked with the people at each station.

Went to Noodles for dinner then over to Target to get a new movie “Book of Life” and cards for family birthdays.  Annalise picked out ones for Uncle Craig, Nephew Lance and Aunt Rose. Cute and sweet but expensive.

Went home and watched Book of Life and I fell asleep about 10:30.



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