Bits of Life

Busy, expensive week!

Posted on: January 16, 2015

On Tuesday morning, I had the car towed to CARS.  Bottom line was that I needed new cooling “stuff”.  The fact that the heater didn’t work was an indication that there was a problem with the cooling system.  Wish I had known that when the lack of heat began.  Might have had less issues.  Anyway, it took care of the money I saved to get new tires.

On top of that, wouldn’t you know that this month the SS payment doesn’t come until the 21st!  I hate it when that happens!!

Getting ready to go to Indianapolis next week for 2 conferences.  So the car issue and late SS payment mess up my staying at the hotel also.  I’ll be bumming a bed from my sister to save money.  OH, well, that’s the way it goes.

Thankfully, the 2nd conference is a working one.  Which will just about cover the car problem!!  So i can buy new tires.  That will be a good thing!

Money in – Money out!!  Robbing Peter to Pay Paul!  And so it goes!

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