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Winter Solstice has passed !!!

Posted on: December 27, 2014

I sit here tonight and it’s 6 pm and dark.  How dreary.

Last night at the Dutton’s.  Kitties are doing fine.  Pippin a bit poorly.

Christmas was quite fine this year.

Spent  two nights at Annalise’s request – Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Played Simpson’s Clue Christmas Eve and then watched Elf.    Annalise was so very excited.  Put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for reindeer.  Wrote a very beautiful letter to Santa and reindeer.  The next day though she wondered how the reindeer got in to chew the carrots. Beginning to wonder about Santa’s reality.

Got up about 9:30 Christmas morning, ate breakfast, and then opened gifts. It was very pleasant and enjoyable.  Then Bill, Dena, and Max stopped over.  Suddenly there was so much noise.  Max rolled on Amy’s gift – a roller for you back.  But he had to stand on it and everyone thought it oh so clever.  Seemed disrespectful to me.

We still had a few gifts left to open so we did.  They stayed for  awhile and then left to go to a Christmas party at Smith’s home – Suzanne and Matt.

We had a nice quiet evening.  Played Apples to Apples Jr.  Kids used their jump ropes and loved them.  One would have thought they had a gold mind.  Also, played twister.  I got a book to go with the jump rope and Dena was there when she opened it.  Dena exclaimed ” A book!”.  I guess it’s illegal to give a book to someone since Dena buys one for everyone.  Sometimes she’s so funny.  Like today, she emailed me about knitting lessons on a website.  I guess she won’t rest until I love knitting as much as she does.  She brought 3 books about knitting to Amy and Jeff’s for our “boxing day” celebration.  Back to Christmas day!

Amy read the jump rope rhymes for Annalise.  She’s doing great.  And so is Simon.  Can even do tricks already.

Watched a couple episodes of House with Simon.  A great line that we kept repeating – House said to Cuddy – “Is it still illegal to do an autopsy on a live person?”

Stayed up too late.

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