Bits of Life

Beautiful sunny day

Posted on: December 21, 2014

Birds flitting around the bird feeders, kitty sitting in the sun on the Florida Room and I need to go shopping.

Went to a beautiful singing and verse reading at Amy and Jeff’s church with the Schnupp’s and Smith’s.  Had a wonderful time.

Annalise has become a budding gymnast.  She does back bends and cartwheels every where she goes.

I’m still worried about Pippin.  Gong to call the Vet tomorrow.

Three duffel bags are done, but I sewed 2 of them on the wrong edge, so now they are longer than the original one.  I suppose it doesn’t matter.  Just irritating.

Need to get more zippers today, get a couple gift cards – hoping the crowds aren’t too bad.

Another funny thing Annalise has started doing – wants to say goodbye and give hugs right at the door, then she pushes you out, closes the door and opens the living room window to say goodbye again.  You’re also supposed to open your car window to wave.

when ever we get in the car she wants to hear stories of her dad or of herself when little.

I need to get out some pictures to relate more stories.  My memory isn’t doing well.

Skateboard  season has started so Jeff and Simon are off every Saturday.




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