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Housesitting with kitties

Posted on: December 18, 2014

Started my house/kitty gig on the 12th.  Annalise stayed 2 nights so far and Simon one.  The kitties are a draw as well as the pool table in the basement.  Simon is getting better with each game.

Annalise tried it and didn’t do too bad, just needs a little time.

The kitties are doing well.  Going outside and then back in.  My job is to be a revolving door!

One kitty isn’t eating much and I fear not doing well.  I keep trying new ways of feeding her, mixing dry and wet and different kinds.  I brought the food upstairs so I could see who’s eating what.  She had a back leg amputated because of cancer last year and the owners are concerned it may be coming back.

I hope nothing happens while I’m here.

Christmas is looming.  I made 3 calendars for the Arkansas kids.  I hope they enjoy them.  Working on duffel bags for kids here in Columbus.  Updating the Hawkins and McKenzie ancestors websites to give as gifts to the family.

Had to buy a new phone today.  What an exhausting job!!  Had to take the old phone 2 places for one couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and the other store had a diagnostic computer to check it over.

Turns out it was simply too old!!  It could no longer update the software.  That only took about 2 hours of standing at T-Mobile.  While I was there, I noticed no Christmas music being played and they said they were not allowed to play any.  The area around is so very diversified that they are afraid of alienating one group or another.

Finally staggered home to find the cleaning people had been here!  Oh, if only I could have that at my house.

More ancestry tonight!

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