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Posted on: December 6, 2014

I really don’t like the Christmas season and I’m struggling to figure out why.  I think it may be the rush, rush that everyone goes through.  Seems to be the ultimate in keeping up with the Jones’.  Clamoring to make cookies, get the house decorated, cooking.

Although I like seeing kids get excited about it, but I can’t get excited here in my house.  It’s drudgery to me, expectations are high.

I wonder if I’m being a scroogy grinch or if I just don’t like all the fuss.  Commercialism, houses laden with lights, all the glitter and for what.  It was supposed to be a simple celebration of a small child’s birth and we’ve turned it into one big shopping spree.

Or is it something from far back – Christmas as a kid didn’t hold much joy for me.  Seems that there was more fighting and drinking.  Then when I had my own family there was much fighting and expectations to MAKE the holiday happy to counteract what I believed occurred when I was a child.

I know my brother doesn’t like Christmas and I think my sister who’s now in the throes of little grandchildren is having fun.

I think about it frequently as if I’m swimming upstream as a salmon, going completely against the flow.

It is just too much!!

I think I hear thunder outside, but it is 39 degrees and completely gray skies.  Weird.

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