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Turkey Day – here and gone

Posted on: November 28, 2014

Decided to partake of the brunch for Ben’s going away.  He’s heading for Caldwell ID to help with his girlfriends family farm.   Have to look it up, I think I’ve been there.

I left about 11 to fix the rest of my dinner contribution – roasted green beans with shallots and hazelnuts.  They weren’t as tasty as I had hoped.  A bit blah for my taste, but others liked them and there wasn’t any left.

My German chocolate pie was tasty, but it didn’t look like the picture, – no surprise.  They must have doubled the chocolate part which I would do next time and possibly cheat and use mom’s chocolate pie mix – boxed pudding.  Or at least use the microwave more for the stirring.  I about killed my wrist.  It ached so much when I got home yesterday.

Everything was good including the company except for Buddy who doesn’t talk to anyone except his brother and mother and then talks so loud that no one else can have a conversation.  So weird.  Makes me a bit scary to think he’s a cop.  I wonder about the tree work that is going on at his house this Saturday.  I heard he hired a tree company but wonder what kind.  And of course tree work is such a macho thing, that knowing I have experience with it, he still doesn’t ask me for any advice.  Oh, well, hope all of them make it through Saturday.

Got up at 11 this morning.  Think I’ll work on genealogy until I tire of it.  The Hawkins line leads right back to Plymouth, CT and other parts of early MA.

Got the turkey carcass brewing away in the crockpot and I made salmon chowder from the remains of the canned salmon.  I have tuna also.  I may have to buy some bread and make creamed tuna on toast!!

Binged on Hercule Poirot while I worked on the cross stitch.  Now on to more genealogy.

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