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Jammy Day!

Posted on: November 22, 2014

Yes, Friday was one of those sumptuous days that I didn’t have to get dressed.  Have slept terribly for the last 3 nights tossing and turning, up, down. So maddening.

As I looked at the clock Friday morning, it said 10:15.  Guess I won’t make it to clay!  Next time I looked at the clock it said 12:05.  Wow, did I need the sleep.

I worked 3 hours on the railroad website, added another row to the quilt, watched Hercule Poirot, answered e-mail and facebook messages and accomplished a bit more on the cross-stitch.

About 12 I decided to go to bed. Again another hour of tossing and turning until I brought my laptop upstairs to watch “The Firm”.  In no time at all I was asleep and didn’t wake up till 10 on Saturday.

Actually it was “The Firm” that put me to sleep at 3 am early Friday morning.

I know every aspect of the movie so I think it makes me drift off with noise that I don’t have to respond to.  “Finding Nemo, Hunt for Red October and A Few Good Men”  affect me the same way.  From now on I’ll turn them on when I go to bed and maybe I’ll get a decent night’s sleep.

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