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Snow, teeth, genealogy

Posted on: November 18, 2014

Can’t let the day go by without mentioning our first snow and it was a pretty good one – 3″ or so.  However, we should be giddy with excitement over the fact we don’t live in Buffalo.  They’re getting 48″ of snow.  That just boggles my mind.  Can’t imagine the intensity of snow falling for it to accumulate in such a short space of time.

At least I didn’t have to subject myself to the “terrible” snow we had today!  Whew!  Great excuse and I didn’t need to go out anyway.

Feeling much better today, swelling in my jaw and cheek is subsiding and I didn’t use my cold press at all.

Concentrated on Ancestry, quilting and cross stitching.  I know there’s plenty of other things I could do like fold the clothes in the dryer, empty the dishwasher and bury the compost, which is a bit difficult today.

The mystery continues with the genealogy.  William Lane and his wife Tryphena (no last name known) were married at Plymouth Colony in 1639.  William arrived in 1635 but I can’t find anything else about Tryphena.  Folks on Ancestry just don’t pay attention.  They had her birth in 1612 in Plymouth!  Couldn’t have happened and after additional searching I find she was born in England.  Seems it would be easy to find a Tryphena!!

The quilt is coming along and I should have the front together tomorrow.  Then Simon’s play and Dick and Judy’s visit.


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