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Posted on: November 16, 2014

The operative word from my dentist was “should”.  One “should” always beware when someone uses that word.  It’s a qualifier that is often missed under the circumstances.  I’m referring to my tooth problem.

Dentist said on Thursday morning that after taking antibiotics for 24-48 hours I “should” be feeling better.

Well, that was 72 hours ago and I’m only feeling a tiny bit better.  My cheek is still swollen.  My sleep is so interrupted that I’m tired when I wake up.  My covers are all over the place, evidence of a lousy nights sleep.

I’m tired, I need to take aspirin every few hours.  Wishing now she’d prescribed something a bit stronger “if I needed it”.  Ran out of apple sauce to put the antibiotic over so I can take it.  Found out that you can still smell the Amoxicillin when you put it in hot tea.  ICK!!

Doing lots of geneaology though.  Doesn’t require much energy or thought.  I need to work on quilt and everyday I think tomorrow.  Then it arrives and I don’t feel like walking up and down the stairs to sew together and then come down to iron the seam.  Need to get everything in one room, but that requires lots more work than I can do today.

Think I’ll call for Apple Sauce delivery!!

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