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Weekend passed

Posted on: November 4, 2014

Thought I’d write more, but I’ve not felt like it.  So tonight while my zucchini soup is cooking, I’ll give it a go.  IMG_1502

Highlights – finished putting the 12 squares together for the IAA quilt.  I’m so excited!  Tomorrow I’m searching for the backing and border.  That won’t take very long..

Another high light of the week and I need to take a picture – Annalise finally spent her money.  She’s been saving for over 3 months to buy  an I-pod.  She’s so excited.  Plays lots but tries to practice self-control.  I spent Saturday evening with her (Simon was at Owen’s) and we managed to get in a game of Monopoly Jr.  It was difficult.

Monday, Dena and I attended a Duffel Bag making class.  It was from 1-4 and you’d think I’d run

a marathon.  I was so exhausted when I left.  I think it was the concentration for such a long time.  I generally take breaks when I work on a project!!

Today, I voted and bought bread and honey.  Working like crazy on Ancestry.  It really is fascinating and addictive!  Found a couple really interesting links to the Plymouth Colonies.  Not related to someone who came over on the Mayflower, but one of their neighbors who arrived around 1635.  Actually 2 connections about that time.  That’s for the Hawkins side of the family.  Most everyone else ends with a thud! The Jannusch’s especially.   They arrive in the US in the late 1800’s and no connection to Europe.

On the Hawkins side another area – the Richa’s came through Quebec and all the birth, death and marriage information is in French.  This is a job for Amy!

Every once in a while someone claims a connection to Charlamagne, Ann Boleyn, etc.  Well, I don’t get excited about it, I check it out.  That’s what makes for some long sessions.

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