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Kathy’s visit

Posted on: October 29, 2014

Since I’m so far behind, I’ll start with the most recent and go backwards, if I can.

My cousin Kathy came to visit for about a week.  Time always goes so fast.  Seems like she just got here and now she’s gone.

Drove lots – to Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Columbus and back to Cincinnati.

Spent an afternoon with Simon and Annalise at Powell Skatepark.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures there.  We have a tradition now.  She was here 2 years ago and we went to Powell, got coffee, skated, went to Jeni’s for ice cream and then back home for dinner at Jeff and Amy’s.  An unexpected event happened that we don’t plan on making part of the tradition, Kathy was stung 2 times by a yellow jacket. OUCH!!   She didn’t feel very well and rested a bit.

Met with Judy, Dick, Jake and Karen at an Italian restaurant in Greenwood Vino Villa.  Of course no picture.  Small plates, good wine, and desserts.

Had lunch with Wetzel’s at Dick and Judy’s.

Went to Mike and Rose’s for dinner

IMG_1472in Pittsboro IMG_1458onthePier IMG_1454WeThree IMG_1452Mike and Kathy

We invited Mr. Clean

Sunday, joined Jake to watch him work at church and had lunch at Wetzel’s.  Aren, Sara and Audrey had to make a quick trip to Urgent Care.  Aedan tried to help Audrey onto the bed and her elbow got pulled out.

Rested on Monday and Kathy headed back on Tuesday.  Great Visit!  Kathy took a few pictures at Powell.  I’ll have to get those from her for inclusion on the page.

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