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Posted on: September 13, 2014

Sunday – made a crockpot full of shredded pork from Pioneer Woman and took it to Amy and Jeff’s.  It was delicious and a bit spicy!  Spent the night.

Monday – exercise and boy was that fun!!!  There’s a guy who works at the front desk at the Rec Center who’s not nice!!  I came and as usual closed the door since that’s what it says to do.  I went out and found the door was locked.  The guy at the desk opened it but told me to leave the door open and I said but it says to keep it closed because everyone has to be a member and he said “I don’t care!”  Anyway, I got annoyed at him, then the guy with the TV music on again, one other trainer had 2 people with him and so the place was so loud.  As if exercising isn’t bad enough but your mind has to overcome all the other inputs!!

He left and we turned off the music!!

Continued working on my cross stitch and watching Midsomer Murders.  I pulled a muscle in my back from sawing through grape vines and bushes so I spent most of the day with the heating pad.

Tuesday – more on the couch with the heating pad, Acorn TV, and cross-stitch

Wednesday – Exercise with no music!!  Did a sleep-over!

Thursday – took Annalise to home school gym.  I jogged/walked for about 20 minutes and went home to continue my couch routine.  Back is getting better.  But now I must have injured my knee a bit during the last exercise routine.

First book club meeting to decide which books to read this coming year.

My Pilgrim Progress has been stymied – turns out that the Richard Warren connection was through the child of Caleb Bates and his third wife Sarah Sprague.  Our Hawkins descendent was from Caleb and his 2nd wife Mary Lane.    Rats!

Friday – finished up the cross stitch!  Now what can I do while sitting on the couch nursing my back!!

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