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Posted on: September 7, 2014

Morning went as usual – breakfast while watching Acorn TV, checking email, facebook, etc till about noon.

Kemba experience – drove there to deposit check but hadn’t paid attention to time.  Got in the drive through lane which lasted about 10 minutes.  When I got to the machine, the door closed, I pushed the button to talk to the cashier and she said “We’re closed.”  To which I said, I didn’t know, I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes and couldn’t see the “closed” sign.  So I spun around to deposit the check in the ATM which is new and no longer accepts deposits!  So I was getting a little bit ticked.  I was heading to Whetstone because of the Arts and Music Festival and thinking that the rec room would be open and I could walk/jog.

Of course, the room was closed.  I had to laugh for my morning wasn’t going well.  I was telling it to the guy sitting at the rec room counter and he began to feel so sorry for me and almost opened the exercise room, but I wouldn’t let him for I didn’t want to get him in trouble.  Nice guy!

At that point I called Jeff to see if he wanted to bring the kids over to the Clintonville Arts and Music Festival – this was the unexpected.  Simon was going to a friends for the evening and Annalise wanted to do some more “window shopping” at Target or Toys R Us.  I sent a picture of the Bounce House to Jeff and when they drove by the Rec Center, she decided she’d give the “event” 20 minutes.  In fact, she put 20 minutes into Jeff’s phone so they’d be alerted about time to leave.

Well after 4 hours of bouncing, singing and playing.  They left!!  The best part was the singing.  She couldn’t keep her hands off the microphone and tried to remove it from its stand so she could be more like a stage singer.  They sang “You are my sunshine, Shake your Willies Out, Brush your teeth.”  The guitarist said she has great stage presence.  I have a couple videos on my phone, but can’t get them downloaded – yet!!

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